Selfly Store Boosts Global Growth for its Smart Fridges with Nayax’s OEM Cashless Solutions

Nayax’s global payment solutions can be adapted to and developed for any market. See how Selfly Store, a smart fridge manufacturer, leveraged these solutions for its global growth.

Selfly Store is a smart fridge manufacturer based in Helsinki, Finland. They decided to sell their smart fridges with pre-installed card readers to bring added value to them and to make it easier to sell to businesses. They chose Nayax because its global payment solutions enable them to expand globally and scale their business quickly.

1. Global and Expanding Customer Base

Thanks to Nayax’s global payment system, Selfly Store has customers in 21 countries and can fully answer their needs. Because there is one payment integration for multiple countries, it enables Selfly Store to expand to multiple countries seamlessly and in a matter of weeks whereas with other companies it could take months, according to Aslak De Silva, CEO of Selfly Store.

2. Localized Payments

Nayax’s global payment solutions enable localized payment acceptance in multiple territories, allowing customer to pay the way they choose. While Nayax is a global company, they think locally, ensuring that customers can pay with the most common payment methods found there so that businesses can thrive.

3. Ease of Use for the Consumer

Consumers find Nayax devices easy to use. With contactless payments, they can perform a transaction with a simple tap. And as mentioned above, no matter what country they are in, they are able to pay with the payment method of their choice, bringing them added convenience and improve their experience.


“This partnership enables us to expand in different locations. So, we have customers in existing countries, but we also get inquiries in countries where we are not present yet. So, whenever we have these inquiries, we can always ask Nayax, ‘Is this doable?’ and the answer has always been ‘Yes, it’s doable.'” – Aslak De Silva, CEO, Selfly Store

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How Nayax’s Global Payment Solutions Can Help You Scale Your Business Globally

Nayax’s global payment solutions enable your business to expand globally in a matter of weeks. With APIs and 3rd party integration capabilities, you can expand your business into new markets and ensure that you are getting to the right consumer base, by accepting the most common payment methods in every territory.

If you’re a vending machine, massage chair, coffee machine, EV charging station, laundry machine, car wash equipment, or other original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Nayax can help bring added value to your business. You can purchase Nayax devices in bulk and install them onto your machines with simple plug & play installation, and then sell your equipment with this extra benefit. Consumers love paying with Nayax devices because it enables them to pay as they please, accepts open and closed-loop payment methods, and is easy to use.

Nayax is constantly working on new integrations. It currently accepts over 80 forms of cashless payments in over 40 currencies. To see which payment methods are accepted in your area, click here. And if you’d like a free consultation, contact us here.

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