Navigating the F&B Solutions Market Without Losing Your Sanity

It can be daunting to think about integrating new systems and tools into an already well-oiled machine. First and foremost, there are just so many options. This means that the process of buying a new solution for your business – whether that means POS devices to quickly replace an outdated fleet, or a comprehensive vending management system – is one that involves a lot of time and effort.  

With this type of technology undergoing rapid advances over the last few years, buyers can feel lost among all the new launches and headlines. I’ve worked with countless companies, big and small, helping them navigate the waters when choosing a solution partner.  

Here are three of my top suggestions: 

  1. Map out your short and long-term business goals: What do you need as soon as next week, and where would you like to be in three years? The products and solutions you need may look different, and laying down the most suitable infrastructure now may very well help you in the future.
  2. Evaluate solution features through your own lens: There is a broad range of capabilities that are available, especially in the vending and micro-market space. Whether your priority is in providing customers with cashless payment options, harnessing telemetry and management functions, or building loyalty via custom branding and rewards, you determine which features are uniquely essential for your business.
  3. Hone in on the top 3 vendors: If you’re not able to provide a trusted payment experience, your customers won’t come back for more. Therefore, especially when your customers’ buying experience is automated, you need to work with a payment solution provider that has a track record of providing consistently reliable hardware and software. Join forums, read up on the top 3 most popular vendors in your area, talk to their representatives, and make a decision based on the two previous tips. 

Those are my tips – I hope this helps you make the right choice for your business.

About Pete

Pete Carmain is VP of National Accounts at Nayax LLC. With over a decade of experience in the automated and self-service industry, Pete is a trusted advisor to companies that require growth-led infrastructure and comprehensive payment solutions.

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