Top 8 Features to Enhance Your Vending Machine Business With Nayax

Enhance Your Vending Business with Nayax’s Best Features

Nayax builds its cashless payment solution for the vending business with both end-users and operators in mind. You might not even be aware of all the features that were created to make your operations run more smoothly and productively. We’ve compiled a list of the best features you can take advantage of when you choose Nayax as your payment and telemetry solution.

1. Consumer engagement tools

Nayax’s cashless payment devices integrate consumer engagement tools like punch cards, discounts and other specials, all which can be set up from the back-end. These tools are designed to help vending operators increase sales and enjoy repeat business. Features like color touchscreens, multiple display languages and voice interaction can also help a user feel more personally engaged.

2. All-in-one device

Nayax’s VPOS Touch is a versatile card reader with telemetric capabilities. It accepts a host of cashless payment options, including EMV secure credit and debit cards, contact, contactless, and swipe cards. The reader can also scan dynamic QR codes and accepts NFC and mobile payments. This gives your end-user the choice of any payment option they like using.

3. Real-time machine monitoring

Nayax is always keeping an eye on your operations, continuously monitoring all machine activity, making sure the best connection is maintained and sending updates. Vending operators can be kept updated in real time, receiving alerts to their phones or via email any time there are unusual events, such as power outages or if the temperature changes.

in the vending business you can see vending machines in any and every venue you can imagine

In the vending business the VPOS Touch delivers a seamless customer experience.

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4. Remote vending

If you’re in the vending business, delivering customer service from afar can be challenging if something goes wrong. For example, if a product gets stuck and fails to drop to the collection flap, a consumer might contact customer support. With remote vending you can ensure the consumer gets the product they paid for by remotely controlling the machine to work, ensuring the customer walks away happy.

5. Better inventory management

With Nayax’s vending management system, vending operators can put together pick lists that assist with pre-kitting and inventory management. Thanks to telemetry providing accurate data about missing items, restocking can be less labor intensive. This improves productivity, and allows vending operators to make efficient use of time, resources and manpower.

6. Remote management

One of Nayax features that makes it easy for operators is remote management of vending machines from any location. When vendors know the status of a machine’s connectivity and inventory from afar they are not required to visit their machine venues to check on their status as frequently as they would if they didn’t have such accurate telemetry. All you need to stay on top of your vending business is a laptop, or for even more on-the-go management, you can use MOMA, the app for managing your machines.

7. Customization

Nayax’s Management Suite has a lot of capabilities that are customizable so that you can operate your vending business according to your needs. Sales and transactions reports from specific machines, venues, or even the entire fleet can be delivered at intervals of your choice. Additionally, Nayax allows you to set different prices, whether by individual machines or locations, and prices can vary if a user selects a different payment method. For example, Nayax’s Monyx Wallet app price may be lower than the credit card price.

8. Complete cash and business transparency

With Nayax’s continuous monitoring of an operators’ machines and transactions, an operator can receive a complete picture of how the business is faring. With total transparency at any point in time, an operator can intervene and change things up to improve productivity and sales.

These are only some of the 8 features in Nayax’s complete cashless payment and telemetric solution. There are many more things that Nayax can do for you to facilitate a smoother operation. Contact us to find out how Nayax can improve your vending machine business, according to your needs.

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