How Transforming a Canteen into a Micro Market Helped Orkla House Care Offer 24/7 Service to Its Employees

Orkla House Care is one of Europe’s largest producers of painting tools. With 200 employees working on site in shifts, the company wanted to offer them an option to purchase items at any time of day. They previously had a canteen that was only open during canteen hours, and they decided to transform this canteen into a micro market to give employees access to items all day long. They decided to install Nayax’s Nova Market integrated with SB Software and Vendaid in order to stay open 24/7 and manage their operation around the clock.


1. Stay Open 24/7

With shift workers coming in at any time of the day and night, offering 24/7 access to snacks, drinks, and more was essential for Orkla House Care. In order to streamline the checkout process, Orkla installed two self-checkout kiosks, one on each side of the market.

2. Improve Employee Satisfaction

Not only is Orkla House Care’s new micro market open 24/7, but it offers a variety of snacks and drinks, both hot and cold. This vast selection of products enabled by a micro market increases employee satisfaction, giving employees more choice, healthy alternatives, and more to keep them energized throughout their shift.

Orkla House Care also provides their employees with prepaid cards onto which they charged starting credit when they opened the new micro market. Workers can either use these physical prepaid cards or their entry fobs to use this credit. They can also download the Monyx Wallet app, a payment and loyalty app that digitized prepaid cards and offer top-up bonuses, special discounts, and rewards to loyal customers.

3. Integrate with Any Software

Orkla House Care chose Nayax’s Nova Market solution because it can integrate with any software including Vending Management Systems (VMSs) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPs). Orkla House Care also has three vending machines on site which are also managed by Vendaid via Vendmanager.

“We wanted to bring something different to Orkla House Care. We wanted to be able to give something to the employees where they could purchase any item at any time of day…hot or cold.”

– Sarah McKeon, HR Advisor, Orkla House Care

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How a Micro Market Can Help Your Business Improve Employee Satisfaction

Having a positive work experience is essential for today’s workers, and one way to improve the experience is by offering extra perks and services at the office. A micro market is a simple way to do this. By offering workers a variety of snacks and drinks on site and giving them some starter credit via a prepaid card for them to spend at the micro market, employees are more likely to enjoy their time at work. They’ll be properly energized, motivated, and will save lots of time.

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