A Look at Monyx Wallet, Nayax’s Cashless Mobile Payment Solution

A Look at Nayax’s Mobile App, Monyx Wallet

Monyx Wallet is Nayax’s own mobile wallet app, developed in-house, suitable for both iOS and Android devices. Consumers can use the app to pay for products or services at unattended automatic machines such as vending machines, laundromats, kiddie rides and more.

Monyx skins can be customized to match an operator's branding

For operators Monyx Wallet is a consumer engagement tool; a way to reach the unattended consumer directly, build customer loyalty, and increase sales. Monyx Wallet is suitable for closed environments, like businesses or hospitals where payments are done via prepaid cards, which can be connected to Monyx Wallet, and for open environments, where anyone can pay by downloading the app.

Sleek look

Operators can brand the app with your company’s colors and logos And we will gladly help you showcase your brand in the best light by helping you design skins.

See how Monyx Wallet can help you

Digital payments

Like Nayax, Monyx Wallet provides its users with many payment methods, providing convenience to consumers. You can pay with a credit card, debit card, prepaid card, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Consumers in countries that support Google Pay will now be able to link your Google Pay account to Monyx Wallet. This option gives users access to Monyx Wallet without needing to store their credit card information on the mobile wallet.

Monyx mobile wallet now features 3 widgets

A look at Monyx Wallet’s widget

Now with Widgets

For Android devices, Monyx Wallet has introduced widget capabilities in three different sizes, allowing a consumer to use Monyx Wallet without needing to launch the app, making the app more accessible. There is a landscape version, a portrait version and for any power-users, an extended version.

Mobile payments are becoming increasingly common and we’re excited about this. We at Nayax are also excited about how our team is constantly innovating the app with updates, improving the existing features and adding new ones. We encourage operators to adopt Monyx Wallet for their machines, for consumer engagement benefits, and to provide consumers with an easy consumer experience.


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