Turn a Bad Customer Experience Around: A Comprehensive Guide to Providing Refunds with Nayax

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Vending machines and other automated businesses have become a popular way for people to purchase snacks, drinks, or other services. They are very easy to use, but, like any machine, they can also malfunction. If a customer receives the wrong product, an expired product, or if the machine swallows their money without dispensing anything, it can create a very negative experience. These problems can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction for the customer.

This is why the ability to provide refunds is so important for a vending or other automated business. Refunding customers when they’ve had an unsuccessful interaction with your machine, whether it be a vending machine, laundry machine, or prize machine, will help improve their satisfaction and increase trust in your business. Below are some reasons why refund services are essential for any business, especially in the automated and self-service space.


Learn how to issue refunds with Nayax



The Benefits of Refunds for Automated Businesses


Improve Customer Satisfaction

Not receiving a product or service you paid for is not a good experience, but when a business owner takes customer concerns to heart and acts on them by providing them a refund, it makes customers feel important.


Increase Trust

Providing customers with a positive experience like a refund helps increase trust. If customers know they can rely on you and your business, they are more likely to return.


Improve Reputation

Satisfied customers are likely to talk, especially if they receive good and reliable service. Refunds can help your business receive positive word-of-mouth advertising, encouraging more customers to purchase at your machines.


Turn a Bad Customer Experience Around: A Comprehensive Guide to Providing Refunds with Nayax


How to Issue Refunds with Nayax

With Nayax, operators have the option to refund any purchase made at their machines. In fact, operators in most countries  have up to 180 days from the date of the original transaction to refund purchases, which gives them enough time and helps them maintain healthy cash flow.

Nayax operators can issue credit card refunds either via the Nayax Core management suite or via the MoMa management app.


How to Issue Refunds via Nayax Core

Operators can refund transactions from the Dynamic Transaction Monitor (DTM) by clicking on the arrow in the column furthest to the right. Refunds will then be displayed as a negative amount in a new row in the DTM.


How to Issue Refunds via MoMa

Nayax recently announced in-app refund management. This can be done by going to the relevant machine’s last sales screen on the MoMa app and selecting the transaction you wish to refund. Before clicking on “Request Refund”, you can review the transaction details in the pop-up sheet. When you click on “Request Refund”, you’ll be prompted to fill out the required field on the refund form where you can choose between a full or partial refund, specify the reason for the refund, and are also given the option to add a confirmation email recipient . Confirm by approving or declining the refund, and you’re done!

Please note that if you don’t see the “Request Refund” button, it means that the transaction is not eligible for a refund.


Instant Refunds with Monyx Wallet

Nayax also offers instant refunds that can be granted for purchases made via the Monyx Wallet payment and loyalty app. When a customer makes a purchase via Monyx and for some reason doesn’t receive the product or service, they can fill out a form and instantly notify the operator. When notified, operators can instantly and remotely provide a refund via the Nayax Core management suite.  Instant refunds have additional benefits for operators, which we’ll go in to below.


Additional Benefits of Instant Refunds for Automated Businesses

Improve Efficiency

Instant refunds can improve operational efficiency for automated businesses, helping them save time by providing refunds automatically and remotely.

Reduce Costs

Time is money, as they say, and improving operational efficiency is one of the biggest cost savers for businesses.


Now you know why refunds are important, and how you can issue refunds via Nayax Core and MoMa. More information like this can be found on our new  

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