Nayax Looks Forward to the ACE Show 2018 at Myrtle Beach

About the ACE Show 2018

Nayax will be attending the ACE Show this October, which takes place annually in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and attracts major players in the vending, office coffee and food service industries. This year’s exhibition will take place 11-13 October at the Embassy Suites Hotel. Nayax’s booth will be alongside our partner company, VendSys. Come visit us at booth 414-416.

Nayax will be attending the ACE Show in 2018 at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

This year’s theme at the ACE Show is “Sand, Sun & Fun”.


This year’s theme is “Sand, Sun & Fun”, and alongside educational programs and expert speakers there will be social events like golf and cornhole tournaments (both on Saturday the 11th) for networking opportunities. To make the event easier for attendees to navigate, the expo has created its own app, called the ACE Show app.

Says Nayax’s VP Sales Greg Hasslinger: “As always, we’re looking forward to going to the ACE Show at Myrtle Beach this year, where we’ll showcase the latest solutions we’ve developed, like the VPOS Touch and PayMarket Elite. The show is a great way for the industry to see our products up close and for us to engage with operators.”

More cashless payment methods

Attendees can see Nayax’s all-in-one POS terminal, VPOS Touch. The terminal has a color touchscreen, multiple cashless payment methods and telemetry capabilities. Nayax’s cashless solutions introduce multiple cashless payment methods to vending and coffee machine users. Consumers can choose a payment method that suits their needs, including contact or contactless credit/debit cards, mobile payment apps, or QR codes, as well as prepaid cards in a closed-loop environment.

Come see PayMarket Elite at Nayax’s booth at the ACE Show 2018.

PayMarket Elite will be on display at Nayax’s booth at the ACE Show. Come visit booth 414-416


Gain operational efficiency

In addition to VPOS Touch, Nayax will be displaying PayMarket Elite at its booth. PayMarket Elite is a tabletop or wall mountable kiosk for micro markets. Both the VPOS Touch and the PayMarket Elite demonstrate how Nayax is dedicated to adding more operational efficiency into operators’ lives. With Nayax’s telemetry and Management Suite operators gain access to 24/7 machine monitoring, along with remote management, smart alerts that can be sent in real-time, inventory management tools, and customizable daily sales reports. Operators also can implement Nayax’s easy to use marketing tools for consumer engagement campaigns like discounts, happy hours and punch cards.

Meet VendSys

Joining Nayax in our booth will be our partner company VendSys, a cloud-based vending software solution, which offers operators rich VMS features. With VendSys operators gain access to specialized vending features such as demand forecasting, planograms, equipment maintenance processes, waste/spoilage tracking, sales tax reports, and route planning tools.

Show details:

ACE Show 2018

11 – 13 October

Booth: 414-416

The Embassy Suites Hotel, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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