Achieve 360° Loyalty with Maximal Consumer Engagement

Take Your Business to the Next Level with a Loyal Customer Base

Helping You Grow Your Loyal Customer Base 

Leverage Nayax’s loyalty and engagement solutions to turn customers into loyal brand advocates.
Increase your returning customer base and average basket size by personalizing your offer, engaging with customers and building their loyalty.
Use in-app branding to build recognition and increase awareness.
Case study
“The most valuable feature from Monyx Wallet is the information we retrieve from the app. We can see consumption preferences and demographics, so we can make daily decisions to improve the business.”
Rob Penaherrera, Managing Director 
& Co-Founder, Powerdose


engaged customers a day

Manage 80+ Forms of Cash, Cashless, Digital, and Loyalty Card Payments 

Take Loyalty to the Max with Nayax’s Loyalty Solutions


Leading Loyalty Solutions for Any Kind of Business

Know Your Customers
Gather insights on consumers and their behavior that help you engage with your customer base.
Tailor Your Marketing Efforts
Leverage the data you receive to personalize offers and optimize your business.
Establish a Direct Line of Communication with Customers
Hear from your customers directly and get feedback and ratings straight from the source.
Flexible Loyalty Policies
Give customers VIP treatment with different pricing by setting up tier pricing and customizable earning and redemption policies.
 Offer a Seamless Payment Experience
Offer a simple, seamless, and innovating payment experience across the board with “Tap&Go” earnings, payment, and redemption.
Provide Full Transparency
Provide customers with valuable, transparent data that gives them control over their spending, transactions, and redemption opportunities, and enables them to receive instant refunds.

Know Your Customers

Tailor Your Marketing Efforts

Direct Communication with Customers

Flexible Loyalty Policies

Seamless Payment Experience

Provide Full Transparency

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