The Benefits of Implementing a Card Payment System in Your Laundromat

While the number of laundromats in the USA has been declining slightly over the past few years, the number still remains high. While laundromats in general may be declining, it seems that the market size of on-premise laundromats is growing at a CAGR of 5.5% from 2023 to 2030. This means that more and more laundromat operators may move to on-premise solutions, and should therefore also consider implementing a card payment system in their laundromats.

Card payment systems greatly improve the customer experience in laundromats in general, not only in on-premise laundromats. Accepting multiple payment methods at your laundromat gives customers the agency to choose the way they pay, and enables them to pay with their preferred payment method. Whether you operate a public laundromat or an on-premise laundromat, see why you should implement a card payment system to help boost your business.


Give Customers Agency

Customers have several different reasons to prefer one payment method over another.  For example, if they always wear their smartwatch, even when they’re out on a run, they may prefer to pay with it because it means that they don’t have to carry a wallet out with them. Or they may prefer one credit card over another because it gives them more cashback. No matter the reason, it’s important to give your customers the option to choose.

Another way that a laundromat POS system can give your customers agency is offering different pricing options for your services. With the multi-pricing configuration, you can  offer different pricing for cold or hot washes, for wash only or wash and dry, or any other option you can think of. You can then display up to 6 options on the device’s touch screen so that customers can easily choose the service they’re looking for. Beyond giving your customers more agency, it also allows you to upsell them with little effort. The Nayax VPOS Touch laundromat card reader with its multi-pricing option helps laundromat owners in Australia potentially generate 49% more revenue. It’s a win-win!


Increase Customer Satisfaction

Seamless payments are known to increase customer satisfaction. If you can pick between fumbling around in your pockets for coins and simply tapping a card, why would you choose the former? A tap and go payment experience can make a world of difference for customers doing laundry, helping them save time, effort, and making their life a whole lot easier.


The Benefits of Implementing a Card Payment System in Your Laundromat


Improve Customer Loyalty

Customers that have a good experience are more likely to return to your business and become loyal. If they enjoy washing their clothes at your establishment, they will come more often and even recommend your laundromat to others.

On top of providing an excellent payment experience with an all-in-one laundromat card reader, you can also create loyalty programs to build this relationship with your customers. Punch card campaigns, happy hour discounts, top-up bonuses, and more are a great way to do that. Payment apps like Monyx Wallet enable your customers to pay, get cashback, and have access to any promotions or campaigns that you set up via your laundromat management suite.

This is an especially good option in on-premise laundromats that offer residents, students or guests with a closed-loop payment option. Instead of having them pay with a physical card or fob, a digital prepaid card can be created in Monyx Wallet and topped up by the business for their customers’ use. As the operator, you can manage these cards, their credit, and the reward programs together with the business, guaranteeing you a steady flow of income.

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Boost Your Revenue

And what’s the best part? All of these great benefits have one ultimate outcome: they help you increase your laundromat revenue. Implementing a card payment system in your laundromat will lead to more satisfied and more loyal customers, which will increase the number of visits, returns, and spending at your establishment.

Whether you operate an open laundromat or an on-premise one, it’s time to implement a card payment system.  This investment will help secure the future of your business because, by accepting any form of payment method, you can grow your potential addressable market, become more accessible, increase customer satisfaction, and get more loyal customers. To learn more about our POS systems for laundromats, contact us here.

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