Tigapo by Nayax’s Innovative Arcade Card System Helps Family Entertainment Centers like Classic Fun Center Maximize Revenue

Tigapo by Nayax’s arcade card system and kiosk helps family entertainment centers streamline their payment, management, and loyalty. See how this innovative solution can help increase playtime and revenue for your arcade.

Classic Fun Center is a family entertainment center that has skating, bouncing, a jungle gym, a blast zone, laser tag, and an arcade with 100 video games. When looking for an arcade card system, they decided to go with Tigapo by Nayax, a SaaS-based payment and management platform, because it was the most innovative and modern solution they found. Tigapo has many advantages, among them ease of use and built in management and redemption tools. See how Tigapo helps FECs like Classic Fun Center increase their revenue.

1. Easy to Use Kiosk

The Tigapo kiosk  is easy for people of all ages to use. According to Scott Foster of Classic Fun Center, it “looks like Steve Jobs designed it.” Its big screen creates an excellent user experience and allows teenagers and kids to use it without any problems, reducing the need for support and assistance on the arcade floor.

2. Convenient & Interactive System

On top of being easy to use, Tigapo’s solution is also convenient for users and for their parents. Arcade visitors no longer need to carry tokens or tickets around, and can simply pay with a card or with the app.

The Tigapo app is the best option for regulars, because it allows them to load up more money with a top up feature reducing friction and increasing play time and repeat business. Tigapo’s kiosk and reader both have a big interactive screen that is customizable and can display a ticket count out, advertise a promotion, or anything else you choose.

3. Tracking and Reports

Tigapo’s cashless arcade card system comes with a management platform that creates easy-to-read reports. Revenue, employee, and customer reports help operators stay on top of their business at a glance. These reports can also provide valuable insights such as which games are doing better than others.

4. Set It and Forget It System

Since Tigapo is so easy to use and comes with a management platform that keeps business owners in the loop, it helps decrease needs and reduces operational costs. As Scott Foster says, “it’s a set it and forget it system,” meaning that it runs smoothly at all times and requires much less maintenance than other systems.


“The biggest benefit we’ve seen is from the amount the customers are spending, we’ve seen a 50% increase. Now they’re spending more in those big money ads on the app and at our kiosks.” Scott Foster, General Manager, Classic Fun Center


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Tigapo’s Solutions for Family Entertainment Centers Increase Revenue and Reduce Costs

Switching to an arcade card system can greatly improve user experience at your FEC, but you shouldn’t stop at just an arcade card system. Nayax’s Tigapo takes family fun to a whole new level. Easy to use solutions allow players of all ages to enjoy hours of frictionless playtime. Big, interactive screens improve usability and reduce the need for maintenance while an app  simplifies payments and redemption.

Tigapo’s solutions include: a cloud-based solution, a complete mobile experience, and an interactive and engaging interface. And the best part is that it can all be easily installed with simple plug and play installation. If you’re interested in hearing more about our innovative solution for FECs, contact us today.

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