The Future of Vending Management

The Future of Vending Management: Data-Driven and On-the-Go

What Is a Vending Management System?

The Future of Vending Management

Running a vending operation is no easy task. Keeping track of machines, inventory, best-by dates, and sales can be a challenge to do on your own. But gone are the days of notepads and spreadsheets — with a proper vending management system, you can automate most of your work and have time to focus on the more important things.  

A vending management system such as Nayax Core, formerly known as NayaxVend, will help you keep track of your business easily, and will provide you with useful data and reports to help you understand how your business is doing. No matter where you are, you will be able to receive real-time data from your machines via a telemetry system. This data will help you manage your vending business more efficiently.  

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How Can Telemetry Data Help You Lower Operational Costs? 

Telemetry is a system that collects information about your machine and forwards it to your management software. This software will then measure and analyze the data to create reports and give business owners valuable insights.  

Telemetry data is very useful for vending machine operators as it sends data and information in real time. This data can inform operators about sales, products running low in stock, and any issues with machines. When you get alerted that a product is low in stock or if one of your machines isn’t working properly, you can fix it right away instead of only noticing the issue on your next visit. This helps you keep your operation going no matter what, lowers operational costs, and helps you save time on unnecessary visits to your machines just to check in on them.  

Manage Your Vending Business On-the-Go

The Future of Vending Management

Merchandise Management  

Keep track of your inventory and merchandise with product maps and picklists. Product maps allow you to keep track of where your products are within the machine, and picklists allow you to keep track of how many of your products are in stock. When a product is running low, you’ll receive smart alerts. By keeping track of inventory and best-by dates, you can know exactly when you need to restock and what products need to be restocked. Instead of driving around with a truck full of products and only realizing what you need to replace when you arrive at your machine, you can just come with the exact amount of products you need, helping you save valuable time.  

Machine Management

Manage your machines with real-time, customizable smart alerts that let you know if there is a change in your vending machine’s temperature or if something isn’t working. You can choose how and when you want to receive your alerts via the MoMa 2.0 app. Whether you choose email, text message, or push notifications, you can stay on top of your machines no matter where you are. These alerts can be life savers, enabling you to fix your machines much quicker instead of waiting to find out that something isn’t working during a machine visit. This helps you keep your operation running so that you won’t miss out on sales.  

Sales Management

Keep track of your sales and what products are selling the most or least. You can also see your machines’ performance to understand how machine location and products influence sales, helping you optimize your sales and increase your revenue.

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Customer Management

Through Nayax Core and the MoMa 2.0 app, you can create loyalty campaigns for your customers.  Your customers will download Monyx Wallet which allows them to pay easily with their phones. All they have to do is add their credit card or a prepaid card and buy directly from your machine. Here, you can add promotions, happy hour discounts, top-up bonuses, and punch card campaigns. You can create the most optimal campaigns based on the sales data that you gather, further increasing your revenue. You can provide instant refunds via the app in case of a mistake, and Monyx also keeps your customers engaged with gamification after every purchase made. 

Customized Reports

Organize your data in customizable reports that show you exactly what you want to know about your machines, products, sales, and more! Easily visualize your business’ performance so that you can analyze and optimize your processes.  

Why You Need a Vending Management System

A vending management system allows you to take a data-driven approach to your business. This is one of the most effective ways to lower your operational costs and allows you to save time so that you can focus on what matters. Ready to future-proof your business? Contact us today.  

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