Nayax’s Vending Alert System Delivers Confidence to Operators

With a strong vending alert system, Nayax gives operators the opportunity to sell their products, no matter what they are. 

Picture this. You’re on vacation, biking along trails in the Swiss Alps. You arrive at a rest stop and suddenly you see that familiar yellow box. Nayax’s VPOS Touch cashless card reader is attached to a vending machine.

vending alert system with Nayax on Tout-o-mat vending machine in Switzerland

Nayax cashless payment solution on Tout-o-mat vending machine in Switzerland

(You’re already probably familiar with Nayax’s cashless payment options, as we’re located in over 62 countries, in numerous industries!)

So, what is the product available in the vending machine? Cheese!

Tout-o-mat uses Nayax's vending alert system for their vending needs

Tout-o-mat uses Nayax’s cashless payment system and vending alert system to increase productivity

How can a vending operator be so comfortable selling a product that is miles (or kilometers, in this case), away from their office? A product that needs to be in a temperature-controlled environment, no less. In addition, how can they avoid wasting time making unnecessary visits to the site, while keeping on top of their business? 

Nayax’s vending alert system to the rescue!

Nayax cashless payment system doesn’t just provide the ability to pay via contact, contactless and swipe transactions. With a complete solution, Nayax offers cashless payments, telemetry, and a vending management system..

This all-in-one solution gives peace of mind to operators.

Tout-o-mat in Switzerland can sell their cheese products because of the features included with Nayax’s solution.

With a comprehensive vending alert system, Tout-o-mat can be notified immediately via text, push notifications, or email about any event or issue with their machine. 

Thermostat sensors ensure that the vending machine is kept at the ideal temperature. If there’s any deviation from the required temperatures, Tout-o-mat can quickly see to fixing the issue to ensure there’s no spoilage.

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Hundreds of alerts to help you remotely monitor your machine

Tout-o-mat, and any vending operator, are kept updated on numerous parameters. If there’s a malfunction or machine jam, vending operators would want to know asap to prevent lost sales. If there was a power outage that effected the running of the machine, operators would have to be aware of the problem. (In fact, with Nayax’s power up/down feature, you can specify exactly how much of an outage is acceptable, and receive notification only when that time has been surpassed.)

Operators can send additional alerts regarding cashbox levels and inventory management.

Having this knowledge can save time and increase productivity and revenue. Because, if sales are exceeding expectations, you’ll want to know so you can restock without losing any sales opportunities. And if there’s no need to restock inventory, why take the time to visit the machine? This way, you yourself can be biking and enjoying your time in the sun!

vending alert system with Nayax

With Nayax’s vending alert system, operators of unattended devices – whether they be vending machines or washing machines, kiddie rides or automatic car washes – benefit from the information received. If you’re interested in implementing Nayax’s cashless payment solution into your operation, contact us today!

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