With Nayax Card Readers, Tap N Go Solutions Can Help Car Wash, Laundromat, and Other Unattended Businesses Increase Their Revenue

With Nayax card readers, paying is as easy as tap and go. See how Tap N Go solutions helps car wash, laundry, and vending businesses across Australia grow.

Tap N Go Solutions help car wash, laundromat, and other automated businesses across Australia grow with Nayax’s all-in-one solution. Nayax’s VPOS Touch card readers are packed with features that help businesses grow. Here’s how:

  1. Driving Higher Sales with Multi-Pricing

Nayax’s VPOS Touch and Onyx card readers have a multi-pricing feature which allows operators to display up to 6 different prices on the screen. This allows car wash, laundromat, and other pulse machine operators to easily upsell their customers. According to Sagar Malik of Tap N Go Solutions, 49.5% of car wash customers use this feature to choose between a warm and cold wash.

  1. Lowering Operational Costs with Retrofitting

Nayax’s card readers can be easily retrofitted onto any machine with plug and play installation. This means that you don’t need to buy new machines if you want to go cashless, all you have to do is install a Nayax card reader and your customers can start to “tap and go.”

  1. Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Customers love a simple payment experience. They also love choice. With Nayax, you can offer them several choices. They can choose the way they pay, whether it be via debit or credit card, mobile wallet, QR code, prepaid card, or more. And with the multi-pricing feature, they can also choose the service they want to receive. It’s a win-win.

“Nayax VPOS Touch was packed with features that just knocked the competition out of the park.”

Sagar Malik, Tap N Go Solutions

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How Nayax’s Card Readers and Cashless Solutions Can Help Your Business Grow

Nayax card readers are part of a complete solution that helps you: accept and process any form of cashless or digital payment, manage and monitor your business remotely, and increase customer satisfaction. Installing a Nayax card reader onto any automated pulse machine, you can start increasing your revenue easily. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Set up the multi-pricing feature to upsell your customers. See how to here.
  2. Monitor and track your machines, sales, customers, and more with MoMa 2.0, Nayax’s mobile management app.
  3. Personalize your offer with Nayax’s loyalty and engagement app, Monyx Wallet. Set up happy hour discounts, punch card campaigns, and more to get customers to come back to your business.

When you choose Nayax, you get a lot more than a tap and go payment experience, you get one point of contact for all of your business needs. Want to learn more about Nayax’s complete solution for your unattended business? Contact us today.

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