Machine Manufacturers Expand their Business by Going Cashless

Machine manufacturers grow with Nayax

Nowadays, adding a cashless payment method to a new, unattended automated machine is a no-brainer. And, it’s easier for customers to purchase their new machines with the cashless and telemetry solution already installed.

So it’s not just operators and consumers who benefit from Nayax’s extensive international network – machine manufacturers do as well! Nayax has a presence in over 50 countries. Manufacturers of vending machines, kiddie rides, laundry equipment, EV chargers, photo booths, etc. can grow by exporting their machines – already integrated with Nayax’s cashless payment solution – to operators around the world.

Fuji machine manufacturers with Nayax cashless payment solution

Installing Nayax’s cashless payment solution lets machine manufacturers differentiate themselves from their competition. With our installed card reader and telemetry device, manufacturers can offer their customers added value, services and a complete Nayax solution.

But how easy is it for the operator to use the payment method installed on their machines?

Nayax Network of Support

Nayax makes it easy for manufacturers to export their machines to various locales around the world.

Our distribution network supports VPOS devices, regardless of where the original purchase was placed.

For example, if a Chinese manufacturer of vending machines wants to sell their product to an operator in the UK, Nayax’s solution can already be installed in the machines by the original manufacturer. Upon arrival in the UK, the operator only needs to be in touch with the Nayax representative to activate the VPOS device, to then start accepting cashless payments from their consumers. And Nayax’s solution delivers more than just cashless capabilities. Operators can see every transaction in real time with the installed modem and SIM card.

Armstrong washing machine manufacturers installs NayaxIn addition to giving manufacturers the opportunity to expand into new markets, Nayax’s worldwide operation gives manufacturers full confidence that their customers will receive any support they need, in their language, in their time zones. This, in turn, ensures that operators are satisfied with their original purchase and manufacturer.

Nayax’s network of distributors supports any device or customers, within their region of responsibility.

If you have any questions as to where Nayax devices are supported, contact us today!

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