Why Your Kiddie Rides Should Accept Cashless Payments

Why Your Kiddies Rides Should Go Cashless

Kiddies rides offer ageless fun and although the fun of the ride is the same, the way the world interacts with payments has changed. Nayax has a cashless solution that allows kids or their parents to pay with credit cards, debit cards, chipcards, QR codes and mobile apps. Both Nayax’s VPOS Fusion or VPOS Touch work with all kinds of pulse machines.

Take advantage of impulse spending

Operators can take advantage of impulse spending when a cashless system is introduced. Children might ask their parents to go on a kiddies ride, but they’re limited to the coins that parent or caretaker has on them. With a cashless solution, both parents and children win. Going cashless allows parents to pay with whatever payment method they are carrying, and the child can be treated to one or more rides.

Give your kiddies rides the competitive edge over coin-operated rides with a cashless solution

Give your kiddies rides the competitive edge over coin-operated rides by introducing a cashless payment solution

Cashless means you can change the price

With a cashless system, you are no longer reliant on coin denominations. You can set the price to end in odd numbers and make use of charm pricing, setting the price to end in 99 or 95 to make your kids ride appear cheaper. Change the price until you find the optimal price, to increase revenue. When you use Nayax’s telemetry to gain insights into which rides are selling the most and at what price you achieved the best results.

Receive real-time alerts

Nayax’s cashless solution enables remote monitoring so operators can know what’s going on with their entire fleet of machines at any time. The software also allows operators to set up customized real-time alerts that can be sent via phone or email. For example, the operator can be informed immediately if a machine’s plug has been pulled, or if the cash box is nearly full. These notifications can save operators on daily site visits and prevent loss of income if anything goes wrong.

There are plenty reasons for your kiddies rides to go cashless

Set up real-time alerts to let you know if your kiddies rides get unplugged

No more emptying cash boxes daily

Even though we envision an entirely cashless society, we understand wanting to offer every possible choice to consumers. Nayax’s cashless solution fits right alongside existing coin or banknote validators. In fact, Nayax’s Management Suite or MOMA, the app for on-the-go remote management, indicates to operators when a cash box is nearing full. Mostly a cashless solution will create a situation where there will be fewer cash transactions, meaning fewer site visits to empty a full cash box.

Engage consumers with digital punch cards

When kids love kiddie rides they are likely to remind their parents about going on a ride repeatedly when they pass one. With Nayax’s Management Suite you can introduce loyalty programs like punch cards. This works well for venues that have regular customers passing by, such as in malls or large stores. Unlike paper punch cards that retailers use, digital punch cards are easy for consumers to use because they don’t need to remember to bring the card with them, and the software keeps track of the rides a kid has taken. They’re useful for operators too because they can see if the loyalty program is affecting the bottom line.

Going cashless has many benefits for operators of kiddies rides. Not only can it save you on the operational level with tasks such as daily site visits, but it gives operators greater insights into their business. Operators can increase revenue opportunities with impulse spending, price strategies and loyalty programs, which are easy to manage from the backend. Give yourself the competitive edge over coin-operated rides and contact Nayax to learn about our cashless payment solution.

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