Customer Spotlight: Pinch Spice Market

A quick look at one of our innovative customers – Pinch Spice Market

Stocking up on spices just got a whole lot easier! 

Imagine a world where just about anything can easily be purchased through a vending machine. Believe it or not, this is slowly becoming a reality! We recently posted a longer blog about some of the most unique vending machines found around the world. If you haven’t checked it out yet, take a look here – chances are you’ll be very surprised by the items you can get out of a vending machine. 

However, today we want to focus on a particular customer of ours who decided to take their store to the next level with a little help from both Nayax and the vending machine industry. Wondering what we could be talking about? Well it’s not cars, clothes, or even a ready-to-eat product, but it is something that most of us use pretty regularly. Pinch Spice Market has decided to offer their delectable spices to customers in an easy to use vending machine! 

Now for a little background on Pinch Spice Market. Founded in 2012 by owner Thomas McGee, Pinch Spice Market was a way for Thomas to explore culinary offerings from around the world, and in turn, make those experiences more accessible for everyone. His partner, Meaghan Thomas joined his quest to make organic spices more accessible and affordable in 2019. However, in 2018, Pinch Spice Market relocated to Louisville, Kentucky where our real story begins. 

While Pinch Spice Market is based in Louisville, they’ve never had a brick-and-mortar store, instead opting for an online shop that delivered directly to their customers’ homes as well as a secure storage locker in town. Right before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Pinch Spice Market was getting a ton of requests for a proper store from their customers, but before they could capitalize on that demand, Thomas and Meaghan (and the rest of us) found themselves in lockdown. Instead of giving up all hope, Thomas and Meaghan decided on an innovative solution that gave their loyal customers just what they were asking for, while making sure that everyone was staying safe. 

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Pinch Spice Market is proud to own the very first spice vending machine! This new innovation in the spice industry allows customers to pick up their favorite spice (or two!) with just the tap of a button. One of the best parts? Customers won’t have to dig around for spare change as this vending machine only accepts credit or debit cards thanks to Nayax’s VPOS Touch solution. 

The VPOS Touch is an all-in-one card reader, which enables customers to pay for their goods using their preferred payment method. By installing a VPOS Touch on their spice vending machine, Pinch Spice Market is making sure that they aren’t turning away any valuable customers. The Nayax device also includes a complete management software, ensuring that Pinch Spice Market can optimize their business any time, any where, with just a few clicks. What could be better than that? To learn more about the benefits offered by the VPOS Touch, or look into other cashless solutions, contact us today

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