Open Your Closed Environment with Nayax’s Cashless Payment Solution

Do you operate a unattended business in a closed environment like a university, hospital or office space?

What methods of payment are you accepting?

If you’re only accepting cash, you’re limiting your revenue!

Nayax’s cashless payment solution accepts open payments such as credit/debit cards and mobile apps (Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.).

Nayax also accepts prepaid cards so users’ employee or ID cards can be used for payment transactions.

Large and small operators benefit from Nayax’s cashless payment solution. And when paired with our telemetry and management suite, Nayax elevates productivity to a new level. No matter what business you’re in: vending, laundromats, amusement and gaming, etc., Nayax provides you with critical information you can use: to improve productivity, save operational costs and increase revenue.

Go cashless today

Benefits of using Nayax’s cashless payment solution in a closed environment

Everybody in the transaction chain benefits from implementing Nayax in a closed environment.

Integrate Nayax's cashless payment solution into your closed environmentOperators – Improved Productivity

  • Easily change pricing
  • Save operational costs – see existing inventory to restock only when necessary
  • Enjoy higher machine availability due to Nayax’s extensive alert system
  • Provide instant refunds using Nayax’s real time transaction monitor
  • Status of each individual machine, at any time, including transactions and downtime ensuring immediate response
  • Machine reconciliation – know how much cash and cashless transactions have taken place per machine / per location per time period
  • Analyze your machines’ best locations

Facility Managers – Increased Transparency

  • Two-tiered pricing allows discounts to users with prepaid cards
  • Transparency with Nayax’s management system and reports
  • Revalue capabilities
  • Plan sales for specific dates/times/products
  • Provide e-receipts for consumers
  • Ability to have a wallet app with your logo

Users – Increased Convenience

  • Increased convenience
  • Increased satisfaction
  • Ability to use multiple cashless payment options
  • Machines are kept operational and stocked
  • Discount possibilities

Integrating Nayax’s cashless payment solution into your vending fleet at closed environments allows you to open a new world of opportunity! Do you want to learn more about how Nayax can help you? Contact Nayax today!

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