A Cashless Campus Is Possible with Nayax

Universities Go Cashless with Nayax

For a generation more likely to carry a phone than cash, today’s students navigating a cashless campus is both natural and expected. On most campuses, there are enough facilities and retail venues to cater for all one’s daily needs. For students and the many people who work at colleges and universities not having enough cash is not a good reason to leave campus.

Nayax can help college facility managers and unattended machine operators introduce more cashless payment opportunities to the thousands of people who spend a large part of their days on campus. Introducing multiple cashless payment options onto campuses can ramp up sales. Research shows that students’ purchasing behavior is influenced by the extent of flexibility available: whether they can pay for their food, other products, and services quickly and easily, and whether more payment options are available.

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Introducing the Cashless Campus

Consumers appreciate multiple payment options and with the help of Nayax devices, the full spectrum of payment choices can be offered. Almost all aspects of life that involve transactions can become cashless.

There are multiple strategic locations to place vending machines such as dormitories, outside lecture halls, student unions, and campus sports facilities.

In libraries, computer labs and printing facilities, Nayax devices can be attached to printers and photocopies, which can be beneficial to students because they won’t be limited by the coins they have in their bags.

For the operators, there are plenty of benefits, such as as an increase in machine usage, as well as spending less time emptying cash boxes. There are also benefits for university facility managers. Nayax’s telemetry and management suite give university facility managers a level of transparency into their unattended machine activities that they wouldn’t have had before.

Nayax devices fit naturally into campus life and it’s not just for vending machines. Nayax’s cashless payment devices integrate into any unattended machine. Whether it’s parking ticket kiosks, on premise laundromats, the cashless campus is possible and Nayax can help create this reality.

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