How Does a Nayax Card Reader Device Make a Dream Come True?

When you’re starting a new business, you already have a lot on your plate. And when dealing with a vending machine operation, one of the first questions you might ask yourself: “how are my customers going to pay?” Make sure that you have a Nayax card reader as part of your solution. This ensures that you capture every potential sale. Most vending purchases are impulse buys. The last thing you want is customers turning away because you’re not accepting credit cards or mobile app payments. Nayax’s cashless payment solution is the device to deliver those sales and help build your bottom line.

Here, Baby Station, based in Australia, had an idea to make baby care products more available. Anyone who’s ever been out and about with a baby, has been probably been in a situation of needing that one item that will stop a baby’s crying. (Or that the people around you will be more comfortable since you’ve gone through your very last diaper.)

It’s a great application and one that is sure to be a success. In part, because the owners of Baby Station have included a Nayax card reader on their vending machines. They knew that they didn’t want their customers struggling to find exact change. After all, a vending machine is supposed to be all about convenience. Making it easy for customers should be a primary goal of any business. Baby Station worked closely with Protech Technology, to find the right machine and payment solution for them, and for their customers.

Having a Nayax card reader available means that Baby Station’s customers will be able to use multiple payment solutions, whether the transaction be via credit/debit card or mobile apps. And because Nayax supports prepaid cards, Baby Station can easily be included in any closed environment, like a hospital or university.

Behind the Scenes

But VPOS, the Nayax card reader, doesn’t just help increase revenue. Nayax’s telemetry and Management Suite gives you the tools to run your business remotely, with confidence.

Features include:

  • DEX & MDB reports
  • Event alerts (for machine temps, power outages, door ajar, cashbox levels, inventory and more)
  • Transaction monitoring in real-time
  • Inventory and sales reports

Nayax also lets you better connect with your customers, by offering:

  • Immediate refunds
  • E-receipts
  • Voice interaction
  • Multi-language support

VPOS is PCI certified and EMV compliant – ensuring that the investment that any operator makes with a Nayax card reader is future-proof. As an all-in-one solution, Nayax’s goal is to ensure operators spend their time working on the core of their business, not waste time on our business.

Good luck to Baby Station! Nayax looks forward to watching you (and your customers) grow!

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