Nayax’s Vending Inventory Management System Allows Gecko Vending to More Efficiently Manage Their Business

An automated inventory management system with customized alerts is an essential tool for vending operators. See how Nayax’s management system can help you streamline your vending business.

Gecko Vending is a vending company based in Brisbane, Australia that offers modern business vending machine solutions.  Gecko Vending chose Nayax as a supplier because of its cashless vending capabilities, its devices’ interactive touchscreens, and its remote management system that ensures that machines are fully stocked at all times. Nayax’s complete solution helps Gecko Vending streamline their operations with:

  1. Product Maps and Picklists

Nayax’s vending management app, MoMa 2.0’s inventory management features, notably product maps and picklists allow Gecko Vending to have an accurate and constantly updated view of the products and inventory in their machines. This helps them keep track of stock levels to know what products need to be filled, at which machines, and when.

  1. Customized Temperature Alerts

Gecko Vending has many vending machines that are located at offices or other workplaces. These machines offer many fresh and refrigerated products that need to be stored at a specific temperature. MoMa 2.0 offers customized alerts that allow operators to choose which alerts they would like to receive on their phones and how (via push notification, SMS, or email). Gecko Vending uses the temperature alert to ensure that their machines are working properly and that the food is being stored fresh.

  1. Real-Time Inventory Monitoring

Nayax’s real-time inventory monitoring tools provides vending operators with a comprehensive view of their inventory and stock levels. This tool enables operators to optimize their vending machine routes, to restock efficiently, and to minimize spoilage.


“What we love about the Nayax units is the ability to see the real-time stock levels inside your vending machine. This allows us to fill the machine earlier than required. Even daily.”

Jason McKiernan, Director, Gecko Vending


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How Vending Machine Management Apps Can Help Save You Lower Operational Cost and Increase Sales

Being able to monitor your sales on the go is essential, especially if you have vending machines in different locations. With Nayax’s MoMa 2.0 app, you can stay up to date on your inventory stock levels, helping you better manage your business.

Inventory management not only helps you stock products before they run out, creating a better user experience and reducing spoilage, but it can also help you better understand what your customers want and predict product demand. MoMa 2.0’s customized reports allow you to see which products you sell the most of and where, helping you make data-driven decisions about what to stock in the future.

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