Meet the Nayax Team – Carly Furman

Carly Furman is the force behind Nayax’s transformation into a leading provider of cashless payment solutions in North America. Carly is the CEO of Nayax LLC, and has been overseeing all operations in the North American Market for over five years. 

Nayax offers comprehensive payment solutions for unattended and retail businesses, allowing business owners to scale substantially. Offering localized cashless payments, a management suite, and consumer engagement tools, Nayax is an all-in-one solution with the latest technologies, suitable for any unattended operation. 

During her time at Nayax, Carly has played an integral part in expanding our reach from vending to all unattended fields, including but not limited to self-service laundromats, automated car washes, kiosks, massage chairs, kiddie rides, and the electric vehicle charging industry. 

Before relocating to Hunt Valley, MD, in 2016 to establish the North American office, Carly worked at Nayax’s R&D Headquarters in Israel where she was the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of all of Nayax’s subsidiary companies. Though she had already moved to the United States, Carly was heavily involved in taking Nayax public, as the company made its debut on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in 2021.

As the head of Nayax in the western hemisphere, Carly has been responsible for growing Nayax’s North American customer base to almost 11,000 unattended business operators, making the North American branch the largest Nayax subsidiary. On top of the rapid growth Carly has brought to Nayax in North America, she has also doubled its staff and fostered a fun, tight-knit community consisting of sales, support, finance, onboarding, lab repair, and shipping personnel. 

Additionally, Carly has worked hard to ensure that both merchants and consumers in North America have access to the latest payment technologies. She recognizes the importance of EMV (Europay, Mastercard, Visa)  technology and has worked to educate the market and embraced APMs and the newest advancements in the payment industry.

In recognition of her accomplishments, in 2021, Carly won a 40 under 40 award from Automatic Merchandiser. Carly is used to the thrills associated with the ups and downs of business, as she was a competitive surfer in her youth, and is therefore always prepared for any situation. Carly has a BA degree in Economics with an emphasis on Accounting from the University of CA, Santa Barbara (UCSB) and is a registered CPA. Prior to joining the Nayax family, Carly worked in public accounting and corporate finance, focusing on the biotech, fintech, and real estate sectors. And on top of all of this, she is also a wife and mother of two daughters, a 4-year old and an 8-month old. 

Nayax is happy to have Carly on our team!

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