Nayax Enables Prepaid Vending Solutions to Drive Customer Loyalty

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in August 2017 and was updated for accuracy.

Nayax’s solutions enable vending and other automated machine operators to offer prepaid card payment solutions to their customers, driving loyalty and engagement. This is particularly useful for operators whose machines are located in closed-loop environments such as residential buildings, offices, universities and more.  

Prepaid Card Machines in Closed-Loop Environments

If you operate automated machines in a closed-loop environment, whether it be a vending machine at an office or an on-premise laundromat in a residential building, you’ll want to offer prepaid payments. Prepaid payments offer customers full control over their spending, as they can load a monthly, weekly, or daily amount onto their cards and use that at your machines.

Prepaid cards can come in several forms, either physical such as an employee or student card, or digital such as a payment app. They can help boost employee welfare, for example, if employers choose to give employees discounts on office vending or coffee machines via their prepaid cards. Employers can also charge employee cards with a monthly, weekly, or daily amount, encouraging them to spend more. This is beneficial both for workers, as they get extra perks, and for employers, as it boosts office satisfaction and productivity. Using digital prepaid cards via Monyx Wallet, for example, can provide even more advantages to both parties. This offers a convenient payment experience that only requires a phone and can help drive more customer loyalty.

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Prepaid Cards Drive Customer Loyalty

With Monyx Wallet, you can not only provide customers with digital prepaid cards but can also implement marketing campaigns to drive more loyalty and engagement. By personalizing offers with special discounts, happy hour promotions, punch card campaigns, and gamification, your customers will be incentivized to use your machines and will return more and more.

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The Advantages of Accepting Both Open and Closed Payments

Though accepting prepaid card payments in closed-environments has its advantages, you shouldn’t forget about open payments. A card reader that accepts both open and closed payments allows everyone to use your machines. Not only will people with prepaid cards be able to pay, but visitor will also be able to pay with a credit or debit card.  An airport is an ideal example. The entire network of employees can use a prepaid payment solution (cards, mobile apps, fobs, etc.). At the same time, the tourists who at the airport who are waiting for flight departures and arrivals can pay via open cashless payment options. Employees can receive discounts via their prepaid cards, while visitors and tourists can pay full price, helping you keep a healthy profit margin.

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