Simplot Integrates Prepaid Card Payment Solutions with Nayax

Simplot Australia is a leading Australian food manufacturer and the home of Australia’s favorite food brands. With about 2,500 employees in Australia, Simplot turned to their own food brands to offer catering to their staff based in Mentone, VIC. Employees use Nayax to purchase subsidized food products with prepaid card payments.

Simplot Australia have been using Nayax’s VPOS cashless readers for prepaid card payments for over 2 years, with approximately 190 transactions a week. This provides a level of convenience for both employees and Simplot.

Nayax prepaid card payments at Simplot AU

Implementing prepaid card payments

Using Nayax’s cashless payment solution can be via credit/debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) or mobile apps, such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay, WeChat Pay, Alipay, Bluecode, and more. These payment methods are ideal for open environments and public spaces.

Paying with prepaid cards in a closed environment is another payment method. This is suitable for a university or business, where students and employees use their student or employee cards for payment. Of course, in a closed environment payment via Nayax’s solution can also be with open solutions. This combines the best of both worlds to a closed environment!

Adding a cashless solution to any unattended device can increase revenue and customer convenience. This is true whether the device is a vending machine or photocopier or washing machine & dryer.

Prepaid payments at Simplot

Employees at Simplot will soon benefit from Nayax’s ability to offer time-based promotions. This will let Simplot promote various products, run marketing campaigns targeted to their staff and offer special discounts.

Shortly, employees will be able to revalue their prepaid cards at a Nayax site, specifically branded for Simplot. This added convenience give employees the opportunity to easily and painlessly add more money to their cards.

And Simplot benefits from Nayax’s Management Suite that allows the fast creation of prepaid cards, saving time for the organization.

Enjoying Nayax’s benefits

Whether the payment method is prepaid or regular credit cards, debit cards, mobile apps, or QR scans, Nayax increases revenue and reduces operational costs. Simplot can monitor their machines in real time, generate sales reports to better understand how products are selling, and receive event alerts to know exactly the status of each machine.

The use of prepaid cards doesn’t change how payments are made. However, Nayax is continually looking for new methods of payment to support as many customers as possible. As more  companies follow Simplot’s example to bring vending machines to their employees, Nayax is here to help facilitate cashless payments.

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