Privacy at Nayax

Privacy at Nayax


NAYAX Ltd., and its relevant affiliated companies involved in the processing of personal data (and personal information as defined under CCPA) (“Company”) values the privacy rights of its users, customers, consumers, users, and others. As required by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and by the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA“) (collectively “Data Protection Law”). European Union residents and California residents, respectively, are permitted to make certain requests regarding our processing of personal data. In order to submit a data subject request pursuant to the Data Protection Law, please complete this form. Upon receipt of your completed request, we will process it and respond within the timelines required under applicable Data Protection Law. If additional information is necessary, we will contact you using the contact information you provided in this form. Information provided in connection with this request will be processed only for the purpose of processing and responding to your request and will be deleted immediately thereafter. For more informationplease reviewour Privacy Policy and User Right Policy.

For the purpose of this form Personal Data shall include Personal Information.

Thank you for filling in the form, we will process the request by the time specified in the Data Protection Law, we reserve the right to extend the aforementioned period by the time specified in the Data Protection Law if the request is complex or numerous or we require additional information.

The processing of the request is free of charge; however, we may want to reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee to cover certain administrative costs (such as providing additional copies of the data) or for handling manifestly unfounded or excessive requests

*Under the CCPA your rights only apply to the Personal Information (as definedtherein) collected 12 months prior to the request and you are not entitled to submit more than 2 requests in a 12 months period.

In order to submit data subject request, please download this form, fill the required fields and send to

By submitting this question or request, I am confirming that: (i) the information I have provided is true and accurate; (2) I understand the information will be handled by the Company in accordance with its Privacy Policy; and (3) the Company may contact me to verify my identity and to process this request.

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