The Future of Customer Loyalty – Digital Punch Cards

The Future of Loyalty – Digital Punch Card Apps

Loyalcustomer retention and the future of digital loyalty appsty reward programs have shown to increase sales and engage consumers with brands and businesses to encourage repeat business. In the US, consumer engagement is much higher among those who belong to loyalty programs, and many will choose the store they frequent based on the loyalty and rewards programs. For many retail stores loyalty rewards programs are a big focus of their customer retention strategy. While it might seem like comparing apples to oranges, loyalty programs can also be applied to unattended machine businesses successfully.

Going digital: loyalty apps and digital punch cards

These days its seems as if every business has a loyalty program of some sort, however the form is no longer plastic loyalty cards. Punch cards and plastic loyalty cards take up room in people’s wallets and a lot of the time consumers don’t engage with reward programs because they forget to bring the loyalty card, or the rewards aren’t relevant to their needs. However, what most people do carry with them everywhere are smartphones, and when incentivized with discounts and free products, consumers will download a digital loyalty app, which can engage with these consumers on a very personal level.


targeting loyalty programs is the key to success in the modern age of digital loyalty apps


Personalization – the key to success

There are many digital loyalty programs, however the successful ones are targeted and understand that relevancy matters. Customers appreciate promotions that offer products or services that they already use or that align with their lifestyles and buying preferences. More customized offers and specials do motivate consumers to engage with brands, however they can be a big project for small business owners and require time to be managed.


The expense of creating a digital reward program is one of the main reasons some operators avoid looking to digital loyalty apps for customer retention


Hesitation: The expense of creating a digital reward program

Traditional loyalty programs are expensive to manage, and a personalized loyalty and rewards program requires even more investment. Despite their significant advantages, for small to medium sized businesses loyalty schemes require a lot of capital and the cost of developing an app can put a digital loyalty app out of the running for many smaller businesses. Additionally, digital loyalty programs need to be marketed to reap any benefits and many businesses don’t have dedicated resources to promote loyalty punch cards apps and their benefits.

Nayax, loyalty & consumer engagement

Nayax believes loyalty and consumer engagement are aspects of unattended machines that are often neglected by many operators. With consumer engagement campaigns like punch card apps, operators can apply common retails strategies to the unattended market such as vending machines or office coffee machines, kiddie rides, and laundry among other verticals.

Smaller businesses can use Nayax’s own mobile loyalty app, Monyx Wallet, and brand it to look like its own in-house frequent buyer punch card app with customizable colors, logos and messaging. This saves operators from needing to develop their own mobile loyalty app. Additionally branded e-receipts and top-up websites can be customized by Nayax, creating more brand awareness, and give operators the advantage of a loyalty rewards program.


Nayax offers a solution to customer retention with its customizable loyalty app, Monyx Wallet


Additionally, with Nayax you don’t need separate loyalty program management software. Digital loyalty programs with discounts and rewards are customized in Nayax’s Management Suite and card management can be done from the same system operators use for managing their unattended machines. Nayax’s cashless card readers also feature telemetry capabilities, and these can be used to view sales data, and access popular product choices, which can be used for creating more personalized promotions.

With Nayax you can take advantage of all the marketing tools like digital punch card apps to nurture customer loyalty at a low cost. It’s easy to manage, customizable, and comes as an added benefit of using Nayax’s complete cashless solution.

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