Nayax and Yuansfer Partner with Alipay to Simplify Payments in North America

Nayax and Yuansfer Partner with Alipay to Simplify Payments for Chinese Travelers Across North America

Partnership Allows Alipay QR Code–Based Payments at 100,000 Self-Serve Retail Locations in the United States and Canada

November 23, 2020 – Hunts Valley, MD – Nayax, the cashless solution for unattended retail and self-serve markets, and Yuansfer, a cross-border payment platform, today announced they have partnered with Alipay to enable QR code–based payments at approximately 100,000 eligible self-serve retail locations across North America. Alipay is the leading digital payments provider and digital lifestyle platform in China. Through this partnership, Nayax’s merchant community will offer Chinese travelers visiting the US and Canada the option to pay using their preferred QR code–based payment method at eligible vending machines, laundromats and car washes, among other self-serve retail locations.

“We are thrilled to partner with Nayax and Alipay to simplify the shopping experience for Chinese consumers traveling to the US and Canada,” said Jerome d’Orchimont, CRO, Yuansfer. “We are excited to be working with such innovative global partners that are focused on the future of shopping and always thinking of ways to better serve their customers.”

Nayax payment devices enable dynamic and static QR code reading, thereby giving consumers the option to use QR code–based payment apps at checkout. Nayax will now offer QR code–based alternative payment methods (APMs), including Alipay payments, across North America on many Nayax devices that are in pre-select mode. Yuansfer will serve as the APM acquirer for these transactions. Customers using these apps are familiar and comfortable with the process of scanning a QR code into Alipay and other digital payment apps.

“We’re proud that our partnership with Yuansfer lets us be the first payment service provider in the unattended sector to enable Alipay and other QR code APMs,” said Carly Furman, CEO, Nayax LLC. “Our in-house R&D and payment team gives Nayax the power to more easily react to global trends and consumer demands. This integration with Yuansfer will provide our customers the capability to accept an increasingly popular method of payment for their products and services.”

About Yuansfer

Yuansfer provides cross-border payment solutions that enable brands to unlock sales opportunities with consumers by accepting their local mobile payment methods. By seamlessly enabling all major digital wallets to streamline the checkout process online and in-store, Yuansfer increases conversion and enables merchants to reach new customers. Visit for more information.

About Nayax

Nayax offers a complete cashless solution, including telemetry, management suite and consumer engagement tools, to unattended retail and self-serve markets. Nayax’s features help operators improve their day-to-day operations and long-term planning, while their marketing tools assist operators in transforming unattended machines into 24/7 retail stores with consumer engagement and IoT activities. As a global company, Nayax’s goal is to provide all payment methods in each region, ensuring consumers can pay with their preferred payment method, wherever they are located. Visit for more information.

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