Nayax’s Cashless Solution Enables Raw Agriculture Vending Opps

In the past, if you’ve mentioned vending machines, people might have immediately thought of products with a lot of preservatives. With the convergence of organic food trends and eat local movements, raw agriculture vending machines have found new popularity selling natural products.

Challenges Faced with Raw Agriculture Vending Sales

As these foods have not undergone preservation techniques, it is incumbent upon operators to be diligent in ensuring that the products stay fresh and unspoiled.

However, unless you’re next to your machine on a daily (or even hourly!) basis, how can you know what is going on with your machine? Doesn’t that defeat the entire purpose of a vending machine available 24/7, no matter the location? And even if you could physically watch that one machine, how would you watch any other devices you had? And how would you handle the logistics if your many machines were hundreds of miles apart?

Luckily, Nayax’s Management Suite provides you the tools to have the information you need delivered to you, no matter what the time.

Raw agriculture vending with Milkbot and VPOS

Milkbot in Greece with VPOS

Raw Agriculture Vending Strengthened by Nayax’s Advances

With Nayax’s advanced alert system, receive notifications, either by text or email, regarding your machines’ status. This feature delivers immediate, important information directly to you. Get the notice you need, allowing you to make the decisions necessary to address the issue. And Nayax lets you customize each alert, per each individual machine. You can set specific thresholds for each machine as well to meet the different needs of each location, product map, etc.

You can receive alerts regarding power down/up (and set thresholds as to when these alerts are sent – for ex. if you have a machine in a location with many power failures, you might decide that a 2-minute power break is ok and not receive any notification when your machine goes back online after a minute. However, if more than 2 minutes have passed, you will receive the alert, updating you and allowing you to take decisive action.).

Temperature alerts are crucial for a vending machine with raw food. Tracking temperature rises to unacceptable temperatures could mean the difference between addressing an angry customer, saving a business, or worse.

What if your raw agriculture vending machine’s door is open? What do you do if your cashbox levels are low, so you can’t deliver change? What if your inventory levels are in the red, and you end up having an empty machine standing on the road? All these scenarios lead to you missing out on potential sales – make sure they don’t happen to you!

Raw agriculture vending in Switzerland with VPOS

Fruit vending machine in Switzerland, with VPOS cashless payment solution

Nayax Works for You

These scenarios, and more, can keep you up at night. However, Nayax is here to help! Nayax’s support teams can help you determine which alerts are best for your needs. They can also walk you through setting the various thresholds that work best for each individual machine. Keep close tabs on your business, even when you’re hundreds of miles away. Nayax improves your productivity, saving you time and worry! And ultimately, saves you money!

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