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With Nayax’s Complete Solutions

Our Key Benefits and Features

EMV, Contactless, NFC, QR Codes & Prepaid

24/7 Telemetry Remote Monitoring

Consumer Engagement Features

Innovative Card Readers

Management Platform

Complete Cashless Payment Solution

With over 15 years experience, Nayax has been increasing sales for +250,000 unattended machines in over 70 countries worldwide

What our clients say

“Nayax’s solution is like having a heart monitor on our business, it allows us to monitor the amount of cash and cashless transactions and helps us make major business decisions.”

Daviv Kobach


“We believe that the PayMarket is a promising future-oriented payment system, and the customer experience correlates well with our hotel business ideas.”

Gerrit Gehrke


Transform Your Machine into a 24/7 Working Business

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