Improve Your Coffee Machine Operations with a Complete Cashless Payment Solution

A Cashless Solution for Office Coffee Machines

Coffee is a way of life and a lot of office workers depend on their morning cup to get them going for the day or for a midday pick-me-up. Many offices see coffee as a necessary perk and it’s becoming more common for offices to rent or buy office coffee machines. Nayax’s complete solution can offer more than cashless payment options for serviced office coffee machines and facility managers of purchased coffee machines.

How does Nayax’s VPOS improve office coffee machines operations?

Better sales

When you install Nayax’s VPOS, a complete cashless payment solution, operators also enjoy telemetry capabilities and remote management software. With telemetry, operators gain access to each machines transactions history and examine consumer behavior. With this information operators can learn consumers drink preferences, offer popular choices, satisfy their customers and ultimately boost sales.

Nayax's VPOS can improve office coffee machines

Office coffee machines offer employees first rate coffee

Improved supply chain management

With telemetry observing supply levels, supply chain management can be more automated, and even preemptive. Facility managers no longer need to manually place orders when supply levels get low. For example, one of the companies Nayax works with, a coffee machine service supplier, makes use of telemetry to determine when to deliver coffee supplies such as pods, beans and cups to their customers. New stock is dispatched when levels reach a set level, as determined in Nayax’s Management Suite. This feature improves efficiency and saves facility managers time.

More consumers

Nayax’s VPOS is suitable for both open and closed environments, which can parlay into more consumers. If coffee is available for free or a paid service, with Nayax any consumer can access a cup of coffee. Employees can swipe their employee ID cards to access a drink while other consumers can use cashless payment methods like credit cards, mobile apps or chip cards to pay for their coffee.

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Monitor machine performance

With Nayax’s Management Suite and MoMa app, for on-the-go management, you can remotely monitor any machines activity or keep tabs on a fleet of machines. With offsite monitoring, operators can observe the health of a machine from any location without having to check in person. This can lead to significant maintenance savings as well as save valuable time.

Accurate billing information

Operators can customize daily, weekly and monthly reports detailing consumption rates and transactions with Nayax’s Management Suite. With this data operators gain accurate billing information and a fuller picture of their business’ operations.

office coffee machines and vending machines in the workplace

Nayax improves the running of office coffee machines and vending machines in the workplace

Instant error warnings

Nayax’s telemetry system allows operators to set up real-time alerts that can be sent to an operators’ phone or email any time an error occurs, or some setting changes. These alert thresholds can be adjusted from Management Suite. With error warnings operators can act quickly to address maintenance issues, ensuring coffee is always available, delivering top customer service.

Consumer engagement

Nayax’s platform features built-in marketing and consumer engagement campaigns, allowing operators to directly communicate with consumers. With loyalty programs, digital punch cards, discounts and specials like happy hours, operators can encourage regular coffee drinkers to make the office coffee machine their number one choice for coffee.

Everybody stands to gain something

With the Nayax’s complete solution everybody wins. Employees are treated to first rate coffee, gain boosts in productivity, satisfying their employers, and save themselves time and money. Facility managers enjoy a more efficient coffee provision system, while operators can sell more cups of coffee.

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