The Pelican Group Amusement Business Operators Significantly Increase Revenue With Nayax’s Multi-Pricing Feature

The Pelican Group is a leading partner in the vending and amusement industry. With 60,000 locations throughout the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico, “The Pelican Group is in a unique position…to test many different features and many different products,” says Jason Scherer, President of The Pelican Group.

With Nayax’s card readers installed on their machines, The Pelican Group has noticed a significant increase in revenue. This is due to multi-tier pricing, a feature offered by Nayax’s VPOS Touch and Onyx card readers. This feature enables The Pelican Group to display different price increments on the devices’ screens, allowing people to choose how much they want to charge their cards. Whereas previously the only option offered was $1 charges, the multi-tier pricing feature encourages customers to charge $5 and even $10 to their card instead of just one. This feature does two things:

1. Improves Customer Experience

Customers no longer have to to slide their card every time they want to recharge a credit.

2. Increases Average Transaction Value (ATV)

Customers spend more per transaction, leading to a significant increase in revenue for The Pelican Group.

In order to further incentivize customers, The Pelican Group uses the multi-pricing feature to provide their customers with more attractive offers such as: 1 credit for $1, 6 credits for $5, and 13 credits for $10. This is a win-win situation for both the customers and the operators, as it increases customer satisfaction and loyalty by offering the customers more and it increases revenue by as much as 350% for operators.

“The Pelican Group is all in with Nayax… every machine we have should have Nayax readers on them.”

Jason Scherer, President of The Pelican Group

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How to Use the Multi-Pricing Feature in Your Business to Increase Your Revenue

Do you operate pulse machines? If so, your business can greatly benefit from Nayax’s multi-pricing feature.

Whether you operate a laundry, car wash, air/vac, amusement, massage chair, prize machine or a kiddie ride business, Nayax’s multi-pricing feature can help you increase your revenue.

Here’s how it works:

Nayax’s VPOS Touch and Onyx card readers can display 2, 4, or 6 pricing options on their screens! With these innovative card readers which can be easily installed on any machine, you can offer several payment options to your customers.

The Pelican Group Amusement Business Operators Significantly Increase Revenue With Nayax’s Multi-Pricing Feature

Here are a few steps to help you set up your multi-pricing feature:

1. Choose what options you’ll offer

For example, you can decide how long your machine will run and what the value for each time slot is worth.

Pro tip: Make sure the deal gets better as the price grows! If 30 seconds costs $2, and 4 minutes costs $6, most customers will choose the 4 minute option.

2. Log into your Nayax Core (formerly NayaxVend) account, Nayax’s management suite, and set up your multi-pricing feature.

Choose whether you want your screen to display 2, 4, or 6 prices, and enter the prices and their description in the system.

3. Watch your ATV and revenue increase day after day!

You can also use Nayax Core to keep track of your sales and generate reports.

Want to increase your revenue with multi-pricing? Get started with Nayax today.


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