Nayax Australia to Work with First Data for All Customer Transactions

Reduced Transaction Fees for Unattended Transactions Makes Nayax Australia the Most Cost-Effective Solution for Retail Customers

Sydney, Australia – Nayax Australia, a leading global fintech company providing cashless payment solutions for unattended retail, has partnered with First Data, a global leader in commerce-enabling technology and solutions, for processing all of their customer transactions. This partnership allows Nayax to deliver the most affordable payment solution in the country, resulting in huge cost benefits to their customers. In Australia, retailers are often required to open multiple merchant accounts to process all their transactions. Working in partnership with First Data enables Nayax Australia to provide a single streamlined experience, freeing customers from the expense and hassle of operating multiple merchant accounts and managing onerous monthly reconciliations for each payment method. Customers can now benefit from the complete solution offered by Nayax Australia, from cashless payment solution to telemetry to reporting and alerts via a back-end management suite to providing consumer engagement and marketing tools.

Working with First Data, Nayax Australia offers customers an enhanced online experience, with an online sign-up process for both new and existing accounts, and comprehensive, easy-to-read reports. Customers will be able to assess their sales and reconcile the funds that are cleared into their account any time, with the assistance of Nayax’s telemetry reports.

The partnership also provides consumers with a superior purchasing experience with a much faster payment process. This translates to greater consumer satisfaction, and more repeated business and increased sales.

Finally, one of the most eagerly anticipated benefit from the Nayax Australia – First Data partnership is the new instant refund process. Customers can now refund transactions via a simple click in Nayax’s Management Suite, saving them time and money. They no longer need to contact Nayax Australia’s offices to initiate a refund, giving them complete control over the process. Consumers will see their money returned within a week, depending upon their own credit card policies and bank procedures.

“This partnership with First Data allows Nayax Australia to deliver superior experience and improve the day-to-day productivity of our customers, as well as allowing us to lower our transaction fees. This firmly positions us as the most cost-effective cashless payment solution provider for unattended retail in our market,” said Dylan Winik, Managing Director, Australia | Korea | New Zealand. “It is in Nayax Australia’s DNA to provide the best customer support and experience – to that end, we’re excited for our customers to experience the benefits of our partnership with First Data on their business.”

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