Telemetry FAQs

What machine features can I track remotely with a telemetry system?

Among Nayax’s trackable features you can follow different cashless transactions, machine connectivity, and even cash sales. You can also receive a sales summary in your email daily, at a time of your choice.

Does the telemetry system work with different protocols?

Yes, Nayax’s telemetry is compatible with MDB, Pulse, VCCS, or ccTalk protocols, as well as DEX, DDCMP, and Rs232 Interface.

What communication connections does Nayax’s telemetry system use?

Nayax’s telemetry system communicates via GSM, GPRS, CDMA, ethernet or Wi-Fi.

How does Nayax ensure continuous connection?

The connection Nayax telemetry devices is continuously maintained due to their ability to switch between communication types (GSM, GPRS, CDMA, ethernet or Wi-Fi), depending on which has a stronger connection.

Can you monitor my machines’ cash transactions?

Yes, Nayax’s telemetry system can also track cash sales, helping you with cash accountability.

Does the wireless telemetry system allow remote updates?

Yes, product price updates, product name changes, new device versions and other updates are all updated remotely.

We already have our own backend management system. Can the data be forwarded to our existing platform?

Yes, in addition to Nayax’s Management Suite, our telemetry solution can send data to a third party.