Management Suite FAQs

What different features can I track with Nayax’s Management Suite?

Use our management platform to view your machine operation in real time. You can oversee transactions and monitor the keep alive sign and other machine and device attributes such as cash level, last vend, temperature and inventory level. Set up alerts to inform you of adverse machine events when you are away from your computer. Additionally, you can use the system to manage prepaid solutions, for pre-kitting, and to receive customized sales reports. You can also use the system to set up a customized hierarchy based on your individual operational needs and manage loyalty programs and consumer engagement campaigns.

How customizable is the alert system?

Featuring adjustable thresholds, the alert system will work for your operation’s needs. With many different alerts including power up/down, temperature changes, low inventory status, and product jams, Nayax’s alert system ensures that you can attend to adverse events in real time.

Can I track my machines while I’m away from the computer? How can I track my inventory on the road?

Yes, Nayax’s management features a mobile management app, MoMa. This app allows you to monitor machine activity wherever you are and assists your drivers to restock machines more efficiently when they are on the road.

What languages does the system support? In which languages can I receive support from Nayax?

Our management system supports over 20 languages. Nayax can also offer local language support through our network of worldwide offices and local distributors.

Can I customize the sales reports?

Yes, you can design your own reports, choosing the fields and filters you prefer to see and change them as many times as you want.

We already use a back-office system. Can we integrate our system with Nayax’s Management Suite?

Yes, we can do VDI integration with third party back office systems.

What tracking features are available for pulse machines?

We can track your cashless sales and send alerts of any adverse events happening to your machines. You can also track cash payments, set up a hierarchy of machines based on your operational needs as well as manage and monitor machine and device attributes remotely.

Can you monitor temperature?

Yes, we work with temperature probes to track any changes and will send you an alert according to the thresholds you choose.

There’s a feature I need that Nayax doesn’t offer. Can you help?

Nayax is a development driven company. We are constantly developing new tools and features and listen to our customers’ needs to develop the features you want.