Charges and Refunds FAQs

Why is there a Nayax charge on my credit card bill?

Nayax is a payment provider for vending and other automated machines, and we clear cashless payment transactions for our operators. Any purchase made at a machine with a Nayax cashless payment device will appear on your credit card statement as a Nayax charge.

Why is there an additional charge on my credit card statement?

If your charge is more than the quoted price of the product on the machine, the operator might have added an extra service charge for credit card purchases. Any extra service charge should be advertised on the machine, typically on a sticker.

Does Nayax facilitate refunds? How do instant refunds work?

Yes, Nayax provides refunds, or vends can be done remotely via Nayax’s management system. With Nayax operators can issue automated, remote refunds sent to consumers via Nayax’s mobile app, Monyx Wallet.

Does Nayax handle chargebacks?

Nayax handles chargebacks for its operators, saving you the hassle of contacting the issuer.