Nayax’s Webinar Is A ‘Must’ For Any Business That Accepts Cashless Payments

Nayax’s Webinar Is A ‘Must’ For Any Business That Accepts Cashless Payments – Let Alone Those That Don’t…

Cashless Payments: before, during and after COVID-19
Tuesday September 22, 2020
1 pm BST

Heads up – if you’re an unattended retail operator, working in sectors such as vending, car wash; laundromats, arcade games and amusement rides; EV chargers, kiosks and the like. The news is that world-leading cashless payment specialist Nayax is hosting a free webinar, ‘Cashless Payments: Before, During and After Covid-19’ on Tuesday, 22 September at 1pm. In this day and age, it’s an opportunity you’d be wise to grasp…

The pandemic has been – and continues to be – a game changer in the way we make payments. In 2019, cash was used for less than a quarter of all payments for the first time.

Five Years Change – In Five Months…

John Howells the Chief Executive of Link, confirms that the ‘dash from cash’ has accelerated as the New Normal of living with COVID-19 began to emerge. ‘Over the past five months, (to June 2020) we have seen reductions in ATM volumes that were expected over five years,’ he said, adding: ‘During the lockdown, we have seen a large drop in ATM volumes – down by 55 per cent. Link research shows because of coronavirus, 54 per cent of consumers say they will use cards more and a third say they will use ATMs less.’

In the recent past you may have concluded, ‘this is not for me’; but as the reach of cashless payments extends at an ever-increasing pace, you owe it to your future to make time to learn more about payment trends for the unattended industry.

Domenico Paparella: Director, Business Development Acceptance Europe, Mastercard

Nayax’s Webinar Is A ‘Must’ For Any Business That Accepts Cashless PaymentsThe keynote presentation will be made by Domenico Paparella, who is ‘Director, Business Development Acceptance Europe’, for payment giant Mastercard. He has called his presentation, ‘Beyond cashless: a world of opportunities for unattended retail businesses’. Domenico will discuss what unattended retail operators can expect, as countries begin to re-open and try to return to normalcy.

One thing’s for sure: it’s likely that the unattended business sector is set for significant growth, thanks in no small part to the wholesale implementation of cashless payments, whether they be traditional credit/debit cards, mobile apps, QR scans, or peer-to-peer payments

‘It’s important to us that business operators are fully aware of the ‘state of play.’

‘As a leading global payment processor for unattended retail operations, we’re always looking for ways to improve our customers’ payment experiences’, Nayax’s Lewis Zimbler said. ‘It’s important to us that business operators are fully aware of the ‘state of play’ regarding payments and that they are in a position to make informed choices in the weeks and months ahead.’

Don’t miss out: participation in ‘Cashless Payments: before, during and after COVID-19’ on Tuesday, on 22 September at 1pm, is free. Make sure you don’t miss it by registering for the event HERE, it’s a ‘must’ for any business that accepts cashless payments, let alone those that don’t – yet…

You can register for the webinar HERE

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