Benleigh Vending Chooses Nayax Solution for PPE Vending in COVID-19 Fight

Largest Independent Vending Operator in Australia Chooses Nayax Solution for PPE Vending to Assist in Efforts Fighting COVID-19

PPE Vending Machines Utilizes Prepaid ID Cards to Dispense Essential Material

Benleigh Vending Systems, based in Adelaide, South Australia, is the largest independent vending machine vendor in Australia.

“We chose Nayax as research made it clear that Nayax is the market leader in the industry. As we view ourselves as market leaders, we wanted to work with the same caliber. Nayax’s support network was the strongest of the competitors as well, so this was an obvious choice,” Daniel Bergineti, Director, Benleigh Vending Systems

Benleigh Vending Systems using Nayax cashless payment solution to sell PPEWith over 3,000 machines deployed around Australia, with the Nayax complete solution, Benleigh Vending sees the use of cashless at 60% in their machines, with certain locations with younger demographics reaching a level of 85% cashless.

“Ninety five percent (95%) of vending machines that we sell, or lease today leave our factory with either cashless or telemetry capabilities today. Feedback from our operators is quite positive. Overall, people are quite comfortable and enjoy the benefits of working with Nayax’s system.”

Benleigh Vending is not just a traditional vending company – they do a lot more than standard snacks and beverages. Nayax’s reporting capabilities allows them to adapt to various implementations. “We do other vending, including inventory and control systems. We find the Nayax system is quite robust in adapting to that application,” says Bergineti.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has led to a silver lining for Benleigh Vending and the opportunity to provide solutions for PPE vending in hospitals across South Australia. The company has installed unique purpose-built PPE vending machines in 8 hospitals, with plans to expand during the next few weeks to cover the entire public health network. Staff use their ID card to access the essential equipment. This ensures that the disbursement of material is tracked and allocated according to need.


At a time when effortless onboarding is paramount, Nayax offers a streamlined solution that is simple for customers.

“Hospitals are finding the system easy to use – it’s a simple inventory control system. We’re working both nationally and internationally with various Government departments as a result of what we’ve been doing with the hospital installations. We couldn’t have achieved this without Nayax, and we are really proud of that.” Daniel Bergineti, Director, Benleigh Vending Systems

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