5 Ways Using Product Maps Can Benefit Your Vending Machine Business

With Nayax’s vending management app, you can easily create product maps and picklists to help you manage your inventory more easily and efficiently.

What Is a Product Map?

A product map gives you a full view of which products you place where in your machines. When combined with picklists, a product map can be a powerful tool to help you monitor and manage your inventory remotely. Picklists tell you how many products remain in each machine and are updated in real time every time a sale is made. With these tools, you can save time by managing your products more wisely. You’ll have a clear view of what products need to be restocked even before you visit your machines, and which ones you’re selling more or less of.

5 Ways Using Product Maps Can Benefit Your Vending Machine Business

The Benefits of Product Maps

You can easily set up product maps with a vending management app such as MoMa 2.0. Using product maps can greatly benefit your vending business in these five ways:

  1. Streamline Operational Processes

Once you’ve set up your product maps and picklists, it’s smooth sailing. You’ll know exactly what products need to be restocked and when, helping you save valuable time.

  1. Reduce Product Spoilage

You’ll also be able to ensure that your products don’t go bad. If you notice that a lot of your products are nearing their expiration date, you can use Nayax’s remote price change feature and sell them at a discounted price without having to visit your machine. And if you want to create a discounted price only for your most loyal customers, you can do this via Monyx Wallet, Nayax’s payment and loyalty app.

  1. Optimize Planograms

Product maps can also help you optimize planograms, helping you display your products in an optimal way so that you can catch customers’ eyes and maximize sales. Planograms also help you reduce your handling and inventory-related costs, improve shelf availability, and improve item placement.

5 Ways Using Product Maps Can Benefit Your Vending Machine Business

  1. Proactively Monitor Machine Health

Keeping track of product sales via a vending machine management app will help you monitor your machine health. If you suddenly see that sales are dropping, you can take a proactive approach and update your product catalog, your planogram, or offer discounts with the Monyx Wallet app. Sales and inventory report will help you which products are selling best and worst, so you can know which ones to sell at full or discounted prices.  And with real-time alerts, you can be informed the moment your stock levels reach par level so that you can always keep your machines full.

  1. Get Data-Driven Insights

And last but not least, product maps give you a clear view of your products, machines, and sales, helping you make data-driven decisions based on insights about your best and worst-selling products. When you manage your product map, it will be fully synced with any other reports you generate and parameters you set so that you can consistently have a full overview of your business.

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