Nayax's cashless payment solution for mass transit

Contactless card reader for public transportation

Introduce open payments to mass transit

This contactless card reader has been designed for public transportation, providing passengers a seamless travel experience with convenient cashless payment options. Travelers can choose from a wide array of open payment methods to purchase a ticket, and operators gain a world of operational benefits and insights.

Onyx Go is more than a public transport payment solution. Nayax solutions gives operators access to powerful capabilities to improve business operations including remote device monitoring and management, a reporting suite, payment processing, data analysis and marketing tools, as well as a machine alert system.

More about Onyx Go

Onyx Go – open payments for public transport

Plug & play fare collection

Instant verification – with offline data authentication

Real-time data, alerts and reports

Account-based ticketing

Validator monitoring and management

Payment Gateway

Intuitive User Interface

Color touch screen

Voice interaction

Local language support

LED indicator lights

Multiple payment methods

Nayax facilitates quick, direct and secure transactions for mass transit

and works with all well-known local payment providers.

EMV credit/debit cards

Mobile payment apps

Prepaid cards

Social wallets

Additional features

Color touchscreen with soft touch buttons and LED lights

Voice interaction with speaker and buzzer

Plug and play with remote software updates

Highly secured to prevent vandalism, fitted with Dragontrail glass