Cashless Payments


Cashless payments offer an array of possibilities to consumers who are in a hurry, don’t have exact change, or even the right currency for wherever they are travelling.  Cashless payments encompass payments made with credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards for closed environment settings like a workplace or university, payments by SMS are  now, gaining popularity, mobile payments via applications like Apple Pay, Android Pay, Google Wallet, or Nayax’s own Monyx Wallet app.




Streamlined and seamlessly integrates with a telemetry system and management suite

Fully certified by leading financial institutions

Accepts all credit card brands under one global bank agreement

Offers eReceipts to show consumers their purchases

Dynamic pricing allows operators to pass the convenience fee along to the consumer

Accepts mobile, SMS and NFC Payments, credit and debit cards that are swipe, contact or contactless, as well as prepaid cards 


Nayax’s cashless payment solutions are limited only by your imagination.  Cashless payments can be anywhere and everywhere that there is an unattended automated machine.  Kiddie ride at the shopping mall? Ice cream vending machine? Electric vehicle charging station? Massage chair? Car wash, laundromat, prize machine, personal lockers and, of course, the well-known snack and drink or coffee machines, the list is endless as to where cashless payments solutions from Nayax can enhance your sales and increase your bottom line.


Når du opererer i et lukket miljø, kan dine behov fra ditt kontantløse betalingssystem være annerledes. Et anlegg som forretningssted, et sykehus eller universitet ønsker vanligvis å godta betaling av tjenester eller produkter via forhåndsbetalte kort. De forhåndsbetalte kortene kan være ansattes ID-kort, nøkkelring etc. Og vanligvis vil disse brukerne (ansatte, studenter, beboere osv.) få rabatt på deres forhåndsbetalte kort, mens besøkende til det lukkede miljøet vil betale full pris. Nayax sitt administrasjonsverktøy gjør det enkelt å laste opp forhåndsbetalte kort til systemet, uansett hvor stort instituttet er. Samtidig vil brukerne fortsatt ha glede av å bruke åpne betalingsmåter (kredittkort, mobilapper etc.). Nayax gir deg mulighet for alle mulige betalingsmåter, slik at du får et optimalt salg.

Revalue prepaid cards, right at the machine

Offer different promotions: according to time, card type, number of transactions within a given period, etc.

See sales reports and oversee machine revenue

Manage card limits according to specific days, number of transactions per time period, etc.


Ballerud Golf Club started in 1992 with 200 members and today has a significantly larger and loyal team of members. They have installed two NAYAX payment terminals at their golf ball dispensing machines. Below is a recount of their experience with the NAYAX payment solution and support over the last four years.


“Large amounts of coins, a lot of currency exchanges and large cash withdrawals were a significant part of everyday life before the installation of NAYAX payment terminal,” says Ballerud Golf, Thomas Faale, General Manager. “Our machines accepted coins only and we counted coins by weight. On a good day, 10,000 kroner is a lot of coins! For the customer, it took a long time to exchange their bills to coins. People needed to stand in line to switch to coins, they would glance at the clock and decide that the queue was too time consuming. As a result, they left home. In addition, there were cases of vandalism and burglary attempts on the machines.”


Ballerud Golf decided to test the NAYAX payment terminal at one of its two golf ball dispensing machines in 2013. This was so successful that the following year, Ballerud installed a second payment terminal. The two machines with payment terminals reduced vulnerability in those cases of technical challenges, and serviced customers more efficiently during hectic periods.

“After NAYAX was taken into use, we have noted that sales have increased. People today are more comfortable with using credit cards than before. We are clearly

earning more after we installed the payment terminals. The NAYAX payment terminal costs something in terms of commission and operating expenses, but the revenue increase makes it pay,” says Faale.

“In 2013, card usage was around 30 percent of sales. So far this year (2017), card use amounts to 80 percent, the rest is divided between discounted vouchers and cash sales. In 2013, the transaction time was extremely fast. Various security requirements from card companies have meant that the transaction itself has slowed somewhat over the years,” explains Faale. Updating firmware on the payment terminals occurs at night so that this does not lead to lost sales because the vending machines are available to the golf customers all the time.


Pure Gym wanted to explore the possibility of offering different payment methods.
The story of Pure Gym in the UK illustrates the difference the Nayax cashless payment solutions can make to operators and consumers.  Take for example the partnership and implementation with Pure Gym, as it is discussed in a case study on the project implementation:

“When you go to the gym you don’t want to be carrying lots of cash around with you,” GVS National Account Manager Pat Gibney points out.
“Apart from the question of security, these days we have come to depend on the convenience of cards.”

Within a month all the new machines were supplied and installed and the existing 100 machines were retrofitted with cashless payment capability.

Lewis Zimbler, Operations Director at Nayax UK, worked closely with Pure Gym and GVS to deliver the solution:

“The project was a great success. Our Nayax Cashless Payment solution is designed to combine financial services with the latest technology so that vendors can benefit from cashless payments without being concerned with merchant accounts or data security.
Not only does the cashless system make life easier for Pure Gym customers who have forgotten to bring cash, but it also facilitates more sales because their spend is not limited by the amount they have in their pocket. As a result, since the introducing the cashless payment system, there has been a significant uplift in sales.” Pure Gym was delighted with the solution and continues to roll it out with every new gym they open.


Considering adding cashless payments to your business? Have questions?
Check out our FAQ’s, and contact us for even more, personalized information about how Nayax can help you grow your business with a cashless payment solution.


Nayax sin kontaktløse betalingsløsning gir deg muligheten til å appellere til flere forbrukere og deres ønske for betalinger. Ikke alle potensielle forbrukere som kommer til maskinen din har penger i disse dager og vi vil ikke at dere skal gå glipp av et salg. Ved å tilby kundene dine kontantløse betalinger, tillater du de å kjøpe praktisk med et kreditt- eller debetkort, SMS eller mobil lommebokapp som Apple Pay eller Google Wallet. Dette er lettvint for kundene og en sikkerhet som igjen vil føre til høyere inntekter for deg.


  • Kreditt- / debetkort
  • Mobil-, SMS- og NFC-betalinger
  • Forhåndsbetalte kort i lukkede miljø
  • Magnetstripe, kontakt (sett inn) og kontaktløs

Hvordan forhindrer du svindelkjøp?

Nayax sin kontantløse betalingsløsning inneholder en grenseverdi mot svindel som du kan angi, for å sikre maksimal transaksjonssikkerhet.

Hvordan vet jeg om min maskin er kompatibel?

Nayax’s cashless payment solutions are easy to install, simple to use, and compatible with all automated machine and standard protocols. Check out some of the machine manufacturers we already work with.


Programvareoppdateringer er hele tiden tilgjengelige, slik at du kan nyte de nyeste funksjonene og løsningene uten å måtte besøke hver maskin.


Nayax kontantløse betalingsløsninger oppfyller de høyeste industristandardene og er fullt sertifisert av toppinstitusjonene og oppfyller regelverkets overholdelse, inkludert EMVCo (nivå 1 og 2), CE, FCC, RoHS, Mastercard PayPass, Visa payWave, PCI DSS


Nayax håndterer tilbakebetalinger eksternt, uten å måtte kontakte utstederen.


Nayax kan utstede automatiserte tilbakebetalinger til forbrukeren, via Monyx mobile lommebok

Hvilke avgifter er inkludert i en kontantløs betalingsløsning?

Bankinteraksjon eller terminalavgift, bytteavgift, innkjøpsavgift og kjøperkontoavgift er inkludert i den månedlige servicepakken fra Nayax.

Credit Card and Cashless Solutions for Vending Machines


Som salgsautomat operatør, ønsker vi ikke at du går glipp av et enkelt salg på noen av dine steder. Ved å tilby Nayax sin kredittkortløsning for salgsautomatbetalinger, vil du være sikker på å få hver kunde, selv når de ikke har kontanter.



Nayax’s VPOS card reader providing cashless payment solution for an egg vending machine in the Czech Republic.

Nayax’s cashless payment solution opens new opportunities for artists and vending operators in the UK.

Nayax provides cashless payment solutions for Aruba Vending in Pakistan.