Credit Card solution for Pulse Machines

Nayax’s Arcade Cashless Payment Device

Increase the level of your consumers’ enjoyment, by providing Nayax’s arcade cashless payment device. By integrating Nayax’s proven, award-winning system, you can realize increased revenue and improved productivity for your gaming and entertainment business.

Much of the revenue resulting from kiddie rides and arcade games is due to an impulse purchase. Integrating Nayax’s cashless payment device into your operation lets you take advantage of the ease and convenience that consumers experience when paying with cashless methods.

Nayax’s cashless payment solution works with both PC-based and pulse machines and supports payments via:

  • credit/debit/prepaid cards
  • mobile apps
  • QR scans

Nayax lets you and your consumers enjoy the ride – wth Nayax’s cashless payment solution for arcade games and kiddie rides!


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