Nayax Enables American Express Cardmembers to Use Their Preferred Payment Method Across the UK

HERZLIYA, Israel, November 7, 2022 — Nayax Ltd. (Nasdaq: NYAX; TASE: NYAX), a global commerce enablement and payments platform designed to help merchants scale their business, announced today that they entered into an integration partnership with American Express (AMEX) across United Kingdom (UK) & European Economic Area (EEA) markets. Unattended business owners such as vending machine, laundromat, or car wash operators who use Nayax cashless card readers such as the VPOS Touch and Onyx can now accept American Express transactions, giving them a broader opportunity to grow their customer base and revenue.

This newly formed partnership brings significant benefits for both Nayax Customers and American Express Cardmembers. By accepting American Express, Nayax customers will be able to increase sales by attracting high spending and loyal Cardmembers, who spend 1.2x more per transaction and almost four times more annually compared to the other average credit and charge card holders in the UK[1]. This will also offer more value to AMEX Cardmembers as they will be able to use their preferred payment methods on Nayax devices in the UK and eventually across the EEA.

“This is very exciting news for consumers across the UK,” says Lewis Zimbler, the General Manager at Nayax UK. “Choosing how you pay greatly boosts consumer satisfaction and improves experience. Nayax’s partnership with American Express is just one of the steps we are taking to provide consumers with the best possible payment experience.

“American Express is excited to partner with Nayax, enabling more Nayax locations across the UK to welcome our loyal and high spending Cardmembers. Through such partnerships, we’re adding thousands of new locations every year, meaning our Cardmembers have an even greater choice of where they can use their Card,” stated Keith McDonald, Vice President, Payment Facilitation & Small Merchant Partnerships, American Express UK.

About Nayax

Nayax is a global commerce enablement and payment platform designed to help merchants scale their business. Nayax offers a complete solution including localized cashless payment acceptance, a management suite, and consumer engagement tools, enabling merchants to conduct commerce anytime, anywhere. With global experience in serving the unattended retail industry, Nayax has transformed into a comprehensive solution focused on our customers’ growth across multiple channels. Today, Nayax has 9 global offices, over 800 employees, connections to more than 80 payment method integrations and is a recognized payment facilitator worldwide. Nayax’s mission is to improve our customers’ revenue potential and operational efficiency. Visit for more information.


[1] Our research shows Cardmembers spend on average 3.9x more annually & 3.2x more frequently compared to the average UK credit and charge card. Refers to American Express internal data for UK Cardmembers spending across Europe compared to Global Data Payment Card Analytics for transactions with domestic cards at terminals in the country and outside the country, including at physical terminals and initiated remotely, 2021.


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