Nayax Expands Presence in Germany with Paycult

Leading Vending and Catering Technology Solution Provider for Institutions Partners with Nayax

Nayax is proud to announce an agreement with Paycult, a leading technology solution provider and manufacturer for vending and catering needs at institutes such as universities, hospitals, corporations throughout Germany and Austria. This agreement provides Nayax with a direct path to large organizations implementing Paycult’s products and solutions, as Nayax’s complete cashless payment solution can be part of Paycult’s offerings, and delivered as an integrated product.

Nayax and Paycult are an ideal fit, as Nayax’s cashless payment solution offers multiple, open payment solutions to Paycult customers. In addition to accepting payments with prepaid cards, Nayax will expand payment possibilities in these institutions by allowing users to pay with open payment methods, including swipe, swipeless or via NFC, for the use of popular credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard or mobile and banking apps such as ApplePay, AndroidPay, Maestro, Twint and more.

Institutes such as universities, hospitals, corporations can use Nayax’s all-in-one solution can increase consumer satisfaction, improve productivity and increase revenue.

Prepaid Support

Nayax offers strong support for prepaid cards in closed environments:

  • operators and facility managers can easily upload an entire batch of cards to the server.
  • to reduce operational costs and set-up time, the creation and upload of cards to the system can be upon the first transaction.
  • users can easily reload their cards, either directly at the unattended machine with cash or credit card, uploading their card to Nayax’s Monyx Wallet app or at a white-labeled website offered by Nayax for utmost convenience
  • provide discounts and special pricing to consumers, per date/time/function

“With Nayax, we can offer our customers a better purchasing experience, opening the closed environment to new payment methods,” said Mr. Norbert Schreiert, CEO, Paycult. “This increases the potential for increased revenue and happier consumers.”

“Paycult is a force in the catering and vending industry in the German market and this partnership opens many opportunities for working with Institutes,” said Mr. Klaus Eilers, Country Manager, Nayax Germany. “Providing Nayax’s cashless payment solution to closed environments allows Institutes to generate additional sales, strengthen their brand vis-à-vis consumers, all while increasing consumer satisfaction.

About Nayax

Nayax, a global IoT platform for unattended cashless payments, telemetry and management tools, uniquely developed for the retail market, was established in 2005. Over 250,000 devices are using Nayax solutions worldwide, in more than 55 countries. Nayax’s line of innovative products allows unprecedented marketing opportunities and capabilities for unattended machine operators to engage with their consumers. Point of sale options are flexible to enable future-proof cashless payment options from around the globe, including mobile payments, credit cards, QR codes, Nayax’s proprietary Monyx Wallet app and other social wallets. Nayax’s solutions are compliant with all automated machine protocols and are plug-and-play with all machines. Nayax’s goal is to bridge the gap of the unattended market and to transform point-of-sales into a 24/7 neighborhood store. For more information,  contact

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