Introduce cashless payments to increases your sales and improve your air and car vacuum machine productivity

Pumping tires and cleaning car interiors are increasingly common services at self-serve car washes and gas stations. This experience should be easy and feature accessible payment choices. Offer maximum convenience to consumers at air machines for tires and car vacuum self-service machines, with a range of cashless payment methods that they regularly use including credit cards, contactless payment, NFC and mobile wallets, as well as QR codes. Adding cashless payment is also shown to boost sales by up to 30% in addition to making your tire air and car vacuum self-service machine business operations more efficient.

cashless payment solution for air dispensers at gas stations
Cashless Solutions for Car Vacuum Machines & Air Dispensers

Suitable for Pulse Machines

Nayax’s card readers are compatible with pulse machines like air dispensers and vacuum machines and includes a counter, increments for multi-pricing, and count-up mode (delta time).

credit card reader for gas station air dispenser machines and car vacuum machines

Retrofittable, Complements Cash

Nayax’s plug & play devices easily integrate into your existing vacuum machines and air vacs and complement existing bill validators and coin-mechanisms.


Fitting a cashless payment card reader offers operators of air and vacuum machine businesses many added benefits

Provide more cashless payment options – offer your consumers cashless payment methods they are accustomed to using. Whether it’s a credit card, QR code or mobile app, Nayax’s cashless card readers allows consumers at air and vacuum machines for gas stations to pay with the widest range of payment options.

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Increases revenue opportunities & boosts sales – with cashless payments consumers can spontaneously supplement their car wash or filling up on gas by pumping their tires with the air dispenser, or by cleaning the insides of their cars with the vacuum machine. This presents more sales opportunities and will boost your sales notably.

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Reduced site visits with remote management – remote access and control of machine attributes from any location allows you to reduce the number of onsite visits to your tire air machines at gas stations or DIY car washes and save yourself and your employees valuable time.

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Track sales with daily reports – receive customizable reports to track sales and overview sales data in real time with Nayax’s management system, enabling you to understand how your business at air and car vacuum machines at gas stations is doing as the month progresses.

Stay informed with smart alerts – a complete alert system keeps air and car vacuum machine business operators informed of any adverse events in real time, such as the machine becoming unplugged or if the coin operated air and vacuum machine’s cash box becomes full. These notifications can prevent lost revenue opportunities, and thresholds can be customized according to your business needs.

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Cash accountability & less cash handling – Nayax’s telemetry capabilities enables cash accountability and can transform your coin operated air and vacuum machine business. Cash collections can be tracked, and cashless payments decrease the overall amount of cash transactions your commercial car vacuum & air machine consumers. Cashless payments also mean fewer cash activities like counting cash or trips to the bank.

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Business transparency – with the help of telemetry and management software, operators can better understand how their air machines for tires and car wash vacuum machine business is doing. Up to date transaction data and sales figures help operators develop a fuller picture of how the business stands.  

cashless payment for pulse machines - air/vac machines

Marketing, Loyalty, and Consumer Engagement Platform

Nurturing loyalty helps increase your sales and brings in more frequent visitors to your air/vac machine. Nayax’s marketing tools and consumer engagement campaigns help operators nurture customer loyalty with enticing offers. Loyalty programs, discounts, promotions, and other specials can all make it worth it for your consumers to repeat their business with you.

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