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Sales Director EV North America

USA · Full-time · Senior


The Senior Sales Director for NA will be part of the EV Meter sales team. The Senior Sales Director for NA will actively assess relevant markets and verticals, identify new business opportunities, and implement the global go-to-market strategy in the NA market to increase the company’s revenue. The Senior Sales Director for NA will collaborate with both the VP of Global Sales & Business Development and the Nayax LLC CEO, reporting directly to Nayax LLC CEO and dotted line to EV Meter’s VP of Global Sales & Business Development.

Key Responsibilities

-Establishing EV operations in the NA territory

-Implement the defined strategic plan for the NA market.

-Conduct pricing research and determine product pricing.

-Establish legal agreements as required, working closely with the organization’s legal advisors.

-Define and implement the organization’s strategic Sales and Business Development plan in the NA market, monitoring its implementation by KPIs.  

-Identify initial market business changes and explore strategic development opportunities.

-Build the NA sales team consisting of an electric engineer and support/onboarding rep.

-Market development – responsible for the penetration of EV Meter solutions into the NA market, both in terms of new geographies and new vertical segments.

-Be the voice of the customer and influence the company’s development and product roadmap.

-E-commerce- E-commerce is a Line of business managed by the VP of Global Sales & Business Development.

-The Sales director for NA will Perform competitor analysis and pricing of services.

-Responsible for signing local partners for the e-commerce program.

-Manage the division of the sold product between the different partners who join the program.


Job Qualifications and Skills (Must):

·        10 years’ experience in sales and business development

·        Marketing and sales capability for technological solutions, software, and hardware.

·        Relevant academic degree.

·        Knowledge of technological trends to build strategy.

·        Understanding of budgets and business-planning

·        Experience with market research.

·        Experience in writing a strategic plan.

·        Excellent communication skills in English

·        Leadership and organizational abilities.

·        Strategic thinking

·        Problem-solving aptitude

·        Senior executive presentation and data analysis.

·        Good knowledge of MS project and IT systems that support sales (CRM).

Job Qualifications and Skills (Advantage):

  • MBA

Who we are

EV Meter is a technology company that specializes in providing full solutions for EV charge point operators.

Our solutions have a broad response to both private and public segments, such as:

Condominiums (multi-tenant residential buildings), office buildings, real estate management companies, retail gas stations, public parking lots, etc. All are included under one roof.


The advantages of our solutions are well based on our parent company’s DNA. Nayax.

Nayax is a global fintech and telemetry company specializing in providing cashless payments, telemetry systems, self-service, and various other unattended machines.

Nayax specializes in solution offerings where complex profit-sharing situations are needed.

EV Meter platform in managing more than 3,000 EV charging stations worldwide.

Nayax operates more than 600,000 self-service machines worldwide.

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