Cashless-PaymentNayaxvend Cashless Payment
universally certified solution designed to provide vending machine operators with financial services

login-pageCentral Management
The ability to centrally manage all vending machine operations from one application is one of the key features of the Nayaxvend system.

The Key to effective management is access to timely & accurate data

dynamic-pricingDynamic Pricing
The ability to remotely control discounts and promotional activities (such as temporary discounts...

closed-solutionsClosed Environment Solution
The Nayaxvend system gives vending operators the ability to offer closed environment solutions...

In today’s fast paced business environment, the ability to view a snapshot of operations on a single page is a great convenience.

Remote ManagementRemote Management
With the Nayaxvend system, physical presence at a machine is no longer required in order to perform many...

The Nayaxvend Cashless Payment & Telemetry System has a wide array of alerts and notifications which can be received by sms or email.