Increase sales, reduce operational costs: Nayax vending solutions

Nayax offers a comprehensive platform for the unattended automated machine market, including cashless payments, telemetry, management, monitoring and BI. The Nayax solution comprises everything operators need to offer cashless payments at no additional cost. Nayax is at the forefront of unattended machine operation technologies worldwide, developing in-house the latest in vending solution technology.

Our Solutions Include

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Cashless & Mobile Payments

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Management, Monitoring & BI

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  • Mashkar, subsidary of Coca-Cola Israel

    Testimonials mashkar client

    " cashless transactions have resulted in 40% increase... in addition Nayax telemetry system has lowered our costs through increased effiecncy… We are extremely satisfied with Nayax system and highly recommend it…"

  • Coca Cola Beijing

    Testimonials coca cola china

    "A recent Coca Cola Beijing operation analysis report comparing July vending revenues for 2013 and 2014 showed that while the sales volume was the same, there was a 15% decrease in operational cost as a result of using the Nayax platform"

  • GVS


    " GVS The advantages of adopting a system that enabled cashless payments in a quick, secure and convenient manner were increasingly clear to all concerned. It was also increasingly clear that the Nayax cashless payment system had the edge of other systems…"

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