Kiddy and amusement rides
Massage chairs
Car Wash
Prize Machines

Offer a credit card solution for pulse machines, by integrating Nayax’s reader into your device.

Pulse machines cover a wide variety of unattended automated machines, and refer to machines that turn a function on / off or a specified period of time, in their simplest form.  For example, a massage chair offers 5 minutes of muscle relaxing comfort, while a car wash unit will turn on for one pass through a car wash.  A prize machine or arcade game will play for the pre-specified number of rounds. Other pulse transactions include kiddie rides, entry to a public restroom or the use of a washing machine for a load of laundry. If you don’t have a credit card solution for pulse machines enabled on your device you risk losing sales and revenue opportunities.

With Nayax’s credit card solution for pulse machines, your consumers can pay with any cashless method, including credit/debit/prepaid card or mobile app. This adds convenience and allows you to capitalize on impulse purchases, capturing users who don’t have any available cash but want to use your product or service.

You also benefit from Nayax’s rich management suite that lets you track transactions in real-time, receive event alerts, and sales reports.


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